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Sing Out! Becomes Electra(onic)

Starting with the Autumn 2008 issue of Sing Out!, we have entered into a collaboration with Zinio (the pioneer in digital periodicals) to produce a dowloadable electronic edition for each issue that includes all the features you would expect: fully searchable and hyperlinked text with an easy path to print material you'd prefer to use offline (like the songs!), permanently archivable in your own “Digital Library” ... and at a steep savings over the regular subscription or newsstand price for the standard print edition ... All delivered right to your computer before anyone else sees the magazine!

A one-year (four issue) digital subscription is only $19.95 ... that's a 33% discount over a print subscription and about 50% less than buying on the newsstand!

Click on the image to the right to preview a few pages of the browser-based version of the current issue. Subscribers will have access to a both the higher-resolution download version and access to a full library of purchased browser-based issues through the Zinio site that will be available to you wherever you have Internet access.

Once you’re ready to go, click to purchase your DIGITAL SING OUT! SUBSCRIPTION, and you be reading in just a few short clicks.

click for a preview of the Digital Sing Out!

P.S. Want the digital edition, but need the exlusive CDs for each issue, too? No problem. We've created a special “CD Supplement to the Digital Edition” that will upgrade your subscription to an Electronic Basic Membership, giving you the CDs and all the other member benefits for just $7.50 per issue. This is available in coordination with a paid digital Zinio subscription ONLY ... and can be purchased through our standard membership/subscription link from the menu above (once you have completed, and we have processed, your Zinio subscription to Sing Out!). Select the CD Supplement option on the “Membership” page, and once we confirm your Zinio subscription, we'll sync up the two subscriptions, and process the payment for the right number of CDs.

Please note: The Zinio Edition uses a proprietary visual format that is not accessible to the visually impaired. If you need an electronic version of the magazine that is accessible, please click HERE