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Contribute During Our 2011 End of the Year Campaign & Get a Chance to Win a Pete Seeger Signature Model 12-String Martin Guitar!!


2011 End of the Year Campaign
Our progress as of 01/01/2012

Times are tough these days. Especially for non-profit arts organizations ... magazines ... folk music groups ... and educational organizations. Sing Out!, I guess, is right at the nexus of all those things that are having a tough go as our economy struggles to rebound.

Earlier this fall, no less than the New York Times ran a feature about the 99% Movement and Occupy Wall Street asking "where are the anthems for this new movement?" Regular readers of Sing Out! already knew the answer to that question, and needed look no further back than the last year of issues to find a cool half-dozen songs that could easily fit that description ... along with many more that spoke to all the issues and emotions of our times.

The thousands of large and small contributions, along with fundraising concerts and events from coast to coast, over the past few years have enabled us to continue to serve our community: featuring the songs and the people who play them, and helping to make those connections tangible for all of us.

But if we are to continue on this path, your ongoing support continues to be vital to Sing Out! Your response in the past helped us turn the corner, and we haven't taken that support lightly ... but if we are to continue being here as a strong resource, we need your ongoing support, too.

In conjunction with our 60th Anniversary last year, Martin Guitar made a limited run of very special Pete Seeger signature model guitars (6- and 12-string versions) to aid with our development efforts. Click HERE for details about these guitars! ... and details for how you can get your chance to win one of these guitars is just below this letter.)

Happily, we have another of those very special instruments - one of the beautiful 12-string models! - to offer as a premium to one lucky contributor to our end-of-2011 campaign. Every contribution of $200 or more will be entered in a special raffle for this amazing instrument. And for smaller donations, each increment of $5 will be entered into a one-in-twenty-five drawing for an entry into the guitar raffle, too. (Click HERE for a more detailed explanation about the raffle.) There will be a maximum of 150 chances in the guitar raffle!! (Drawing will me made on New Year's Day.)

Over the coming months, we will be launching a new electronic version of Sing Out! ... and the special thing about this multi-platform, stand-alone "app" version of the magazine is that, along with making the magazine more accessible and available to folk music aficionados everywhere, we will be able to make it available to all regular members and subscribers to the print version of the magazine at no additional cost. That's right. Any subscribers or members will be able to access their magazines wherever and however they'd like ... without needing to give up their hard copies. This is a key part of our strategy to think about the future for Sing Out! without needing to give up any of what makes Sing Out! valuable to its readers.

We all know the state of the economy. We know the challenges all publications face in light of changes in technology and distribution. Now more than ever, we must band together to preserve, protect, and advance our most treasured institutions. To solidify and move Sing Out! into the future, your support remains critical.

It takes a community, joined together, to preserve the things that matter. We know that those who love folk music are a passionate, committed community. We know that Sing Out! matters to you and to the Community. Please make a commitment to preserving this institution in our community.

Click the link on the left to be taken to a secure web page where you can use a credit card to make a tax-deductible contribution. (Or feel free to send your contribution in through the mail, or to call our toll-free line: 888-746-4688.)

Yours In Song,

Mark D. Moss
Executive Director / Editor
Toll Free: 888-746-4688 x203