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Welcome to the "online" edition of "Publication Noted." Here you can find an annotated listing for all the releases submitted to Sing Out! in November 2009. Included is contact information for each of the labels/publishers, many of which sell recordings directly from their web sites. You can search this list by using the "find" or "search" tools in your browser. We hope to be able to make this data more broadly searchable and linkable in the future. Thanks for your patience during our transition of certain long-time magazine features from print to the web!

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Publication Noted (November 2009)


Alyson Books
245 W. 17th St., Suite 1200, New York, NY 10011

My Red Blood: A memoir of growing up communist, coming onto the greenwich village folk scene, and coming out in the feminist movement by Alix Dobkin. 2009, ISBN: 978-1-59350-107-5, pbk $17.95, 275pp., 6 x 9, Discography. Biography from renowned feminist folk singer-songwriter recounts her introduction to folk music in her youth and her rise to fame in Greenwich Village as the first performer to record an openly lesbian album in 1973.

P.O. Box 571, Crockett, CA 94114

WORK AND SING: A HISTORY OF OCCUPATIONAL AND LABOR UNION SONGS IN THE UNITED STATES by Ronald D. Cohen. 2010, ISBN: 978-0-974412-48-1, pbk $24.95, 190pp., 6 x 9, Endnotes, index, bibliography. History of how music influenced the unions in the U.S., includes several pages of illustrations.

Easy Publishing Co.
Room 903, World Officetel, 65-1, Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-350, South Korea

Arirang: song of korea by Chung-Myun Lee. 2009, ISBN: 978-89-92822-34-3, cloth $30, 328pp., 6 x 9, Reference, index. Discussion of Arirang, a Korean folk song, including comprehensive background, illustrations and more.

Hal Leonard
1210 Innovation Dr., Winona, MN 55987

THE DESKTOP STUDIO: A GUIDE TO COMPUTER-BASED AUDIO PRODUCTION by Emile D. Menasché. 2009, ISBN: 978-1-4234-6331-3, pbk $27.99, 322pp., 9 x 11, Acknowledgments, table of contents, intro, appendix, index. Tutorial covering various aspects of home recording, such as efficient recording to motherboards, signal routing, mixing and more; includes detailed explanations of how to navigate audio production hardware and software with illustrations.

THE STUDIO MUSICIAN'S HANDBOOK by Bobby Owsinski and Paul Ill. 2009, ISBN: 978-1-4234-6341-2, pbk $34.99, 314pp., 9 x 11, Table of contents, intro, acknowledgments, glossary, index. How-to book discussing the inner workings of a major Hollywood recording studio session, methods of successful musicians, etiquette and more; targeted audience includes guitarists, bassists, vocalists and other musicians, complete with DVD of actual studio session with professionals.


P.O. Box 40100, Nashville, TN 37204

0908 A Friend of a Friend: DAVE RAWLINGS MACHINE. Nine-track debut solo album featuring acoustic Americana.

P.O. Box 156, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Untold: JOHN McCUTCHEON. Veteran folk singer-songwriter's 33rd album features two CDs, one recorded live at 2008's National Storytelling Festival.

Gemeeteplein 7, 1730 Asse, Belgium

1318 Le Ciel Est Au Bout: LUPA LUNA. 12 tracks from trio combining accordion, bass, percussion, mandolin, fiddle and more.

1319 Astragu (Winter Traditions): GRIFF TRIO. Trio presents 15 tracks blending bagpipes, whistles and Uileann pipes.

Heinzelova 60/B, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, Croatia

259 Zagorje Blues: TOMISLAV GOLUBAN and LITTLE PIGEON'S FORHILL BLUES. Third studio album from Croatian country blues quartet fronted by harmonica player features 14 tracks combining trads and originals.

10341 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, CA 94530

507 Corridos of the Chicano Movement: RUMEL FUENTES. 13 narrative ballads addressing racial, social and poltical issues from activist, composer and singer involved in the Chicano Movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

537 The Best of: MANCE LIPSBOMB. 22 tracks from Texas songster covering the full range of his diverse repertoire, including five cuts from his original 1960 recording session.

16043 SW Kimball Ave., Lake Oswego, OR 97035

1001 Alchemy of Soul: JACOB MERLIN. Trumpet player presents 11 tracks blending old-school funk, soul, rock, jazz and Gospel sounds.

P.O. Box 22546, Seattle, WA 98122

91 True Devotion: ROCKY VOTOLATO. 10 tracks from Texas-born singer-songwriter.

Janet Bates
89569 Sunny Loop Ln., Bandon, OR 97411

The Little Spinner: JANET BATES. 14 mainly original songs from Oregon-based singer-songwriter.

Bear Family
Grenzweg 1, Holste-Oldendorf 27729, Germany

16956 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: Country and Western Hit Parade 1951: VARIOUS. Various country songs from 1951 including both the big hits and the classic performances that became influential in later years.

16957 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: Country and Western Hit Parade 1952: VARIOUS. Various country songs from 1952 including both the big hits and the classic performances that became influential in later years.

16958 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: Country and Western Hit Parade 1953: VARIOUS. Various country songs from 1953 including both the big hits and the classic performances that became influential in later years.

16959 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: Country and Western Hit Parade 1954: VARIOUS. Various country songs from 1954 including both the big hits and the classic performances that became influential in later years.

16960 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Hillbilly Music: Country and Western Hit Parade 1955: VARIOUS. Various country songs from 1955 including both the big hits and the classic performances that became influential in later years.

Big Book
PO Box 188802, Sacramento, CA 95818-8802

17 Melancholy Waltz: RICHIE LAWRENCE. Debut solo album from singer-songwriter includes 10 originals and two covers mixing instrumentals and songs, with backing on accordion and piano, as well as harmony vocals from I See Hawks In L.A.

Blue Hen
795 Grand St., Ste. 3R, Brooklyn, NY 11211

50 Orange: JIM CAMPILONGO. Guitarist and composer delivers 15 tracks on ninth album.

290 Shuter Street, Toronto, ON M5A 1W7, Canada

0701 Hymns and Hers: OLIVER SCHROER. 12 mainly original hymns and tunes from Canadian fiddler/composer, with backing.

916 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212

4504 Doors and Windows: BEARFOOT. 11-track mix of originals, trads and covers on fourth album from traditional bluegrass quintet based in Alaska.

341 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 3P4, Canada

002 Amanda Morra: AMANDA MORRA. Debut album features 13 tracks of dance-pop from Toronto-based singer-songwriter.

Cow Island
P.O. Box 51979, Boston, MA 02205

014 Masquerade for Heartache: THE STARLINE RHYTHM BOYS. Trio delivers 10 tracks of originals and covers blending honky tonk, rockabilly and country.

Crusty Scone
414 W. 121 St. #58, New York, NY 10027

100 Ballads and Barnburners: THE MANHATTAN VALLEY RAMBLERS. 14-track debut album features old-time and bluegrass music from New York City-based acoustic duo performing on guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

Katie Evans
5915 Blanco River Pass, Austin, TX 78749

A Passing Afternoon: KATIE EVANS. Debut album featuring 12 originals blending alt. and indie sounds.

Festival Five
323 Dean St. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11217

014 76 Trombones: DAN ZANES and FRIENDS. 17 songs for children from Grammy Award-winning musician.

Fireman's Daughter, The
4107 Utah Ave., Nashville, TN 37209

Road to Tennessee: THE FIREMAN'S DAUGHTER. 5-track EP comprised of original Americana songs from Nashville-based female duo, with backing.

Ariana Gillis
3539 Rittenhouse Rd, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0, Canada

001 To Make It Make Sense: ARIANA GILLIS. Canada-born singer-songwriter presents 12 originals on pop album.

Brett Gleason
111 Woodruff Ave. 5G, Brooklyn, NY 11226

The Dissonance: BRETT GLEASON. Debut solo EP features five tracks blending alt. rock and electronica.

P.O. Box 5523, Mill Valley, CA 94952

040 On the Holiday Highway: THE CHRISTMAS JUG BAND. Annual collaboration from Dan Hicks and friends features 16 live tracks recorded in four locations in Northern California.

Greenpeace Canada
33 Cecil St., Toronto, ON M5T 1N1, Canada

Amchitka: The 1970 Concert that Launched Greenpeace: JONI MITCHELL, JAMES TAYLOR and PHIL OCHS. 2-disc, re-mastered live recording of legendary singer-songwriters from 1970 fundraising concert protesting nuclear bomb tests that launched Greenpeace; includes 45-page booklet.

P. O. Box 1348, Katy, TX 77492

106 Live in England: HAMILTON LOOMIS. 14 live tracks from Texas-born, blues-influenced multi-instrumentalist and singer.

Hands On Music
34, Monmouth Street, Topsham, Devon EX3 OAJ, U.K.

29 Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed: SHOW OF HANDS. 12-track collaboration between acoustic folk-roots duo and singer/double bassist.

Box # 332, Cannink, NS BOP 1HO, Canada

001 Storm & Calm: HAWP. 11 tracks from trad Celtic ensemble.

Collin Herring
1713 Enfield St. Apt. A, Austin, TX 78703

Ocho: COLLIN HERRING. Austin-based guitarist and singer-songwriter delivers eight originals combining folk, rock, country and indie on fourth release.

1001 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214

010 Bridge Carols: LAURA GIBSON and ETHAN ROSE. Collaboration of eight tracks blending folk, jazz and avant-garde music from Oregon-based duo.

2238 Dundas Street W., #59009, Toronto, ON M6R 3B5, Canada

002 Landed: KATHERINE WHEATLEY. 11 original songs on third album from Ontario-based singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist, with backing.

238 E. Main St., P.O. Box 10, Ville Platte, LA 70586-0010

9093 Swire from Grand Chenier: LIL' ABE MANUEL JR.. 18 mainly original swamp pop songs on first solo album.

Jack Licitra
131 Easy St., W. Sayville, NY 11796

Express: JACK'S WATERFALL. Folk and roots singer-songwriter presents 11 tracks blending pop, blues, jazz, folk, Gospel and global sounds.

Jay Linden
225 Cyrus St., Cambridge, ON N3H 1H2, Canada

Under the Radar: JAY LINDEN. Singer and guitarist presents 16 acoustic folk tracks of originals and covers.

Little Cat Records
3818 Linwood, Oakland, CA 94602

Twenty Years / Twenty Rivers: ROBIN FLOWER and LIBBY McLAREN. 12 songs and tunes mixing Irish trads and originals from accordion and fiddle duo, with backing on mandolin, guitar, piano and more.

Chris Maclean
16 U Adamson, Chelsea, QC J9B 2J4, Canada

Feet Be Still: CHRIS MacLEAN. 10 originals and two trads (The Water is Wide and Wayfaring Stranger) on second solo album from Canadian singer-songwriter .

Anna Madorsky
1749 N Serrano Ave Apt 106, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Incantation: ANNA MADORSKY. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter presents 12 punk originals.

1525 Taylor Ave. N, #602, Seattle, WA 98109

2010: MANDOMORPHOSIS. Debut album features 16 acoustic tracks on multiple mandolins, plus violin, guitars and Dobro, from 7-piece band.

Market Monkeys
P.O. Box 960351, Boston, MA 02196

004 Winterbloom: Traditions Rearranged: ANTJE DUVEKOT, ANNE HEATON, MEG HUTCHINSON and NATALIA ZUKERMAN. Contemporary singer-songwriters present eight-track EP featuring trad holiday songs and originals.

Paul Masson
3038 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21218

Paul Masson: PAUL MASSON. Baltimore-based singer-songwriter presents 5-track EP of country-folk sounds.

Nancy McCallion
P.O. Box 14604, Tucson, AZ 85732

Take a Picture of Me: NANCY McCALLION. Second solo album from founder of The Mollys features 12 mainly original songs.

Nolan McKelvey
143 N. Celilo, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

A Matter of Time: NOLAN McKELVEY. 12 originals combining alt. country and folk, with backing.

P. O. Box 15219, Lansing, MI 48901

0322 The Beautiful Bahamas: YA TAFARI. Bahamian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist presents 12 tracks blending jazz, Latin and Caribbean sounds.

Mother of Pearl
Woodmore, MB R0A 2M0, Canada

The Art and Music of Heather Bishop: My Face Is a Map of My Time Here: HEATHER BISHOP. Activist and musician presents 10-track album, includes booklet of art.

MVD Audio
P.O. Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456

4923 Rocking Rebel: Volumes 1 & 2: KIDDUS I. 21 previously unreleased tracks from reggae singer.

New West
9215 W. Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212-4605

6171 Closer to the Bone: KRIS KRISTOFFERSON. 11 original songs exploring emotional experiences from renowned country singer-songwriter, with backing on guitars, harmonica, mandolin, bass, keyboards and drums.

No Evil
P.O. Box 3570, Martinsville, VA 24115

002 Ghost of the Knoxville Girl: DOUG and TELISHA WILLIAMS. 12 Americana originals from Virginia-based duo, with guests Jonathan Byrd and Rod Capps.

P.O. Box 651, Oxford OX2 9RB, U.K.

100 Seven for Old England: MADDY PRIOR. Veteran British folk-rock vocalist delivers 16 tracks of trad English ballads and an original.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

196 Yessir!: JESSIE BAKER. 13 trad-influenced instrumental tracks on debut album from teenage banjo player, with backing on fiddle, guitar, bass and mandolin; guests include Michael Cleveland, Audie Blaylock and more.

198 Ten Thousand Miles: LYDIA MARTIN, EMILY MARTIN and CLAUDE MARTIN. Sibling trio delivers 15 tracks of trad American music on banjo, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, fiddle and more.

200 Goin' to the Dance: CHRIS WARNER. 14 bluegrass songs and tunes on the banjo, mandolin, bass, guitar, fiddle and more.

Performing Chimps
48 Dawlish Ave, Leeds LS9 9DT, United Kingdom

Don't Panic: JON GOMM. Sophomore album features 11 acoustic tracks combining blues and folk from British guitarist and singer-songwriter.

3963 W. Belmont Ave, #117, Chicago, IL 60618

A Dark Rumor: THE HENHOUSE PROWLERS. Chicago 5-piece string band presents 12 tracks combining bluegrass, Americana and roots, which touch on classic bluegrass themes.

Quinlan Road
RR 5, Stratford, ON N5A 6S6, Canada

113 A Mediterranean Odyssey: LOREENA McKENNITT. 2-disc set from Canadian new age artist's 2009 Mediterranean tour, includes live performances, previously released recordings and 24-page booklet.

Razor & Tie / American Masters
214 Sullivan Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY 10012

86035 How Sweet the Sound: JOAN BAEZ. 15-track CD, with music from the documentary film of the same name, includes trads, folk standards, covers and originals, as well as previously unreleased material, from across the folk singer-songwriter's career.

Red Dog
426 SW 43rd Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607

001 Banjourneys: CHUCK LEVY with MIKE EBERLE and DAVID FORBES. 16-track musical journey exploring the the banjo's roots in West Africa and old-time music; includes Jola ballads from Senegambia, minstrel tunes, trad fiddle and banjo duets, twin fiddle pieces, banjo solos and more.

Righteous Holler
195 Mile End Road, Colchester C04 5 DB, England

1109 Lions: REV SIMPKINS. Sophomore album features 11 tracks mixing folk, psychedelia and blues.

Run Wild
109 Tendril Ct., Williamsburg, VA 23188

10 A Kilted Christmas With Coyote Run: COYOTE RUN. Live DVD of 2008 holiday concert from Virginia-based Celtic/folk band at Kimball Theatre in Colonial Williamsburg.

Saguaro Road
8280 Willow Oaks Corporate Dr, Fairfax, VA 22031

Duets: THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA. 15-track anthology from renowned Gospel group features 12 collaborations from previously released award-winning albums, as well as three previously unreleased songs; collaborators include John Hammond, Susan Tedeschi, Charlie Musselwhite and many more.

Six Degrees
540 Hampshire St, San Francisco, CA 94110

1159 Undersea Poem: UNDERSEA POEM. New York City-based duo delivers 17 tracks combining bossa nova, indie rock and more.

2783 BM Montgomery St., Birmingham, AL 35209

26 Together You and I: BARTON CARROLL. 10 songs structured in traditional folk forms on fourth album from Seattle-based musician.

Laxo, Vidlin, Shetland Islands ZE2 9QD, UK

001 Spreefix: FULLSCEILIDH SPELEMANNSLAG. Shetland 10-piece trad band, led by fiddles, presents nine tracks with Shetland, Nordic and Celtic influences.

Sub Pop / Next Ambiance
2013 4th Avenue, Third Floor, Seattle, WA 98121

001f I Speak Fula: BASSEKOU KOUYATE and NGONI BA. 11 tracks from award-winning ngoni player and band mixing modern musical elements with West African traditions; with spec. guests Toumani Diabate, Vieux Farka Toure and more.

P.O. Drawer 10, Ville Platte, LA 70586-0010

6217 Live from Breaux Bridge: Part Two: HIGH PERFORMANCE. 16 live tracks of Cajun music from 6-piece band.

Thin Man
43 Bruce Farm Dr., Willowdale, ON M2H 1G4, Canada

006 New Blue Day: JORY NASH. Sixth solo recording from Canadian singer-songwriter features 12 tracks blending folk and indie, with backing.

Three-Quarter North
11 Pineview Ave., Delmar, NY 12054

North by Northeast: THREE-QUARTER NORTH. Four-piece band delivers 10 tracks combining bluegrass, traditional folk, country and originals.

Tompkins Square
66 Allen Street #3F, New York, NY 10002

2288 Face a Frowning World: An E.C. Ball Memorial Album: VARIOUS. 16 tracks that pay tribute to the traditional country and mountain singing of husband-and-wife duo E.C. and Orna Ball; performers include Michael Hurley, Rayna Gellert, Jolie Holland, Samantha Parton, Bonnie Prince Billy and others.

True North Records
14 - 3245 Harvest Rd., Burlington, ON L5N 3T7, Canada

531 Black Flowers, Vol. 1-2: LYNN MILES. Canadian folk-pop singer-songwriter presents acoustic versions of 20 of her most popular songs on 2-disc set.

Tummy Touch
68 Jay St., #907, Brooklyn, NY 11201

2018 Altogether Now (Birds Bees Flowers Trees): PATRICK and EUGENE. Brit neo-vaudevillians present 14 tracks blending banjos, ukuleles, bells, bongos and more.

Yellow Dog
1910 Madison Avenue #671, Memphis, TN 38104

1409 God's Favorite Band: ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS. Eight-piece postmodern jug band presents 11 tracks of acoustic roots music.

116 Montgomery, Ste. 200, San Francisco, CA 94105

064 Sparkle Lane: EDWARD ROGERS. 14 tracks of indie pop from British singer, with backing.