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Welcome to the "online" edition of "Publication Noted." Here you can find an annotated listing for all the releases submitted to Sing Out! in March 2010. Included is contact information for each of the labels/publishers, many of which sell recordings directly from their web sites. You can search this list by using the "find" or "search" tools in your browser. We hope to be able to make this data more broadly searchable and linkable in the future. Thanks for your patience during our transition of certain long-time magazine features from print to the web!

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Publication Noted (March 2010)


Ipbar Productions
80 Main Street, Richmond, ME 04357

SEA SONGS OF CICELY FOX SMITH by Charles Ipcar, Editor. 2010, spiral, 62pp., 8.5 x 11, Discography, bibliography, reviews, index of songs. Self-released songbook featuring the nautical poems of Cicely Fox Smith.

Oxford University Press
198 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016

COUNTRY MUSIC ORIGINALS: THE LEGENDS AND THE LOST by Tony Russell. 2010, ISBN: 978-0-19-973266-1, pbk $16.95, 272pp., 7 x 10, Introduction, notes, bibliography, indices. Paperback edition of 2007 book featuring biographical profiles of 110 musicians who influenced the developments of early country music from the 1920s-'40s, arranged chronologically and illustrated with photographs, newspaper clippings, advertisements and more.

University of Illinois Press
1325 S. Oak St., Champaign, IL 61820

HARD LUCK BLUES: ROOTS MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION by Rich Remsberg. 2010, ISBN: 978-0-252-07709-8, pbk $34.95, 248pp., 8 x 10, Acknowledgments, foreword, introduction, afterword, notes, index. Photography book featuring 240 black-and-white photographs created by the New Deal's Farm Security Administration photography program, depicting American music and music making during the Great Depression.


100 Monkeys
640 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Grape: 100 MONKEYS. First full-length studio album from Calif.-based 4-piece band features 14 tracks, including 12 all-new originals.

300 Camellia Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Rise: DOWNBEAT PROJECT. Debut release from Charlottesville, Virginia-based 5-piece roots rock band.

9 Below
100 Tompkins Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

001 Lonesome Flight: STEVE FREUND. Label's debut album features nine originals and four covers from guitarist.

Sharon Allen
P.O. Box 3851, Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Along the Way: SHARON ALLEN. 12-track mix of originals and covers on debut solo album from veteran singer-songwriter.

P.O. Box 60234, Chicago, IL 60660

4935 The Devil is an Angel Too: JANIVA MAGNESS. Ninth album from blues, soul and r&b singer features 12 tracks with varying influences.

4936 American Patchwork: ANDERS OSBORNE. 10 original songs on label debut from New Orleans-based singer-songwriter/guitarist.

Avenue A
P.O. Box 51, High Bridge, NJ 08829

Miss You: BRIAN MOLNAR and THE NAKED HEARTS. Nine tracks of mostly originals; compiled from band's other commercial releases.

Bait & Tackle
P.O. Box 309, Whites Creek, TN 37189

The Hills Will Cradle Thee: LAINIE MARSH. Release from Appalachian artist features 11 tracks in folk, Americana and bluegrass styles; contains mostly originals.

P.O. Box 3335, Dunnellon, FL 34430
www.clawgrass.com or www.emorylester.com

005 Acoustic Vision: MARK JOHNSON and EMORY LESTER. 14-track release from banjo and mandolin duo contains an acoustic mix of original songs, and traditional music for the fiddle and from the British Isles.

Beautifully Mad
P.O. Box 2001, Hornsby Westfield NSW 1635, Australia

003 Beautifully Mad: BEAUTIFULLY MAD. 10-track release from singer-songwriter pair primarily features elements of folk and jazz.

Berger Platters
84 Kraft Ave., Bronxville, NY 10708

Once Upon the Hudson: Four Hundred Years in Story and Song: THE HUDSON RIVER RAMBLERS. 14 tracks of traditional songs from New York duo with backing artists; meant to give a historical depiction of the Hudson River.

Birch Bark
P.O. Box 992, Ankeny, IA 50021

837-001 Mary McAdams: MARY McADAMS. 10 original songs from Iowa-based Americana artist performing in mainly roadhouse blues and roots-rock styles.

Black Wolf
P.O. Box 381982, Cambridge, MA 02238

0020 Adam Ezra Group: ADAM EZRA GROUP. Debut national release from Boston-based band features 17 original tracks of roots, pop and rock.

Blind Pig
P.O. Box 2344, San Francisco, CA 94126

5134 Name the Day!: JOHN NÉMETH. Harmonica player/vocalist with full backing band blends contemporary and modern r&b styles on third album.

5135 Stand Together: HARPER. 12 original tracks from veteran Australian multi-instrumentalist; blends rock, blues, soul and world music styles.

5135 Stand Together: HARPER. 12 original tracks from Australian multi-instrumentalist and veteran artist; blends rock, blues, soul and world music styles.

5136 Raising the Bar: MAGIC SLIM and THE TEARDROPS. Covers album of popular r&b songs; released to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of Magic Slim's collaboration with Blind Pig.

Blue Canoe
43 Rose Brooke Circle, White, GA 30184

1082 To Africa with Love: JOSEPH PATRICK MOORE. 13-track release features mostly original songs inspired by Africa and artist's musical influences and American heritage.

Blue Pig
P.O. Box 68159, Nashville, TN 37206

1111 Nora Jane Struthers: NORA JANE STRUTHERS. Full-length debut features 11 originals and one trad in bluegrass, Celtic, Gospel, old-time and folk styles.

BlyeTower Productions
P.O. Box 40304, Washington, DC 20016

20007-1 Warrior Angel: L'ILLON. Indie debut from Washington, D.C.-based singer-songwriter blends multiple genres, with classical, world and pop elements.

Bojo Music
68 Pendleton Place, Staten Island, NY 10301-1221

The Oyster Aristocracy: BOB WRIGHT and HARBORTOWN. Staten Island singer-songwriter releases 13 tracks with full band.

Boxwood Media
P.O. Box 225, Lunenburg, NS BOJ 2CO, Canada

Let Me in This Ae Night: CHRIS NORMAN and DAVID GREENBERG DUO. Nine-tracks of Canadian dance and Celtic music from flautist and violinist; features mostly covers and trads with one original.

3131 W. Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85017

6460 Hope: KEVIN YAZZIE. Seven tracks of multi-part vocal harmonies inspired by the Native American church.

6465 Relentless: THUNDER HILL. 12-track release featuring songs of the Southern Plains from Oklahoma drum group.

6469 Zephyr: CHILLON PADDOCK. Spiritual songs rooted in the Native American Church; contains six tracks.

Chaffee Kid
17895 Cliffside Drive, Strongsville, OH 44136

Play by the Rules: CHAFFEE KID. Cleveland-based country/bluegrass singer-songwriter expresses frustrations with the state of the government.

916 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212

4537 Girls Need Attention: RICHARD JULIAN. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter releases nine originals and one Randy Newman cover on his label debut.

P.O. Box 330911, Nashville, TN 37203-7506

103 Dutchman's Curve: DAVID OLNEY. 13 mostly original tracks from folk/blues singer-songwriter in an Americana style.

The Dustbusters
280 Rector Place #8G, New York, NY 10280

The Dustbusters: THE DUSTBUSTERS. 20 tracks of contemporary Appalachian music from Brooklyn-based old-time string band.

P.O. Box 250, Verplanck, NY 10596

0019 Now's the Time: SCOTT URGOLA. 12-track release from Somers, NY-based singer-songwriter; all tracks original.

Eastern Coyote
P.O. Box 1601, Burlington, VT 05402

104 The King and the Thrush: Tales of Goodness and Greed: TIM JENNINGS and LEANNE PONDER. Original arrangements of traditional stories and music on eight tracks.

150 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

49170 Aurora: AVISHAI COHEN. Release of 12 mostly original tracks features longtime jazz bassist singing for the first time.

Fat Head
P.O. Box 251511, Los Angeles, CA 90025

1004 Five Horses, Four Riders: JEFF TURMES. Southern California-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist releases 13 original tracks.

Michele Fay
P.O. Box 206, Ripton, VT 05766

Travelin' That Road: THE MICHELE FAY BAND. 12-track release of mostly originals from 4-piece string band features elements of traditional, swing and bluegrass styles, with female vocal harmonies.

4 The Beeches, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9PG, U.K.

3076 The Incredible String Band: THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND. Digitally re-mastered version of band's 1966 debut LP; mixes traditional folk and ragtime with the emerging psychedelic movement of the time.

3077 The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion: THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND. Digitally re-mastered version of band's second album, originally from 1967; features multiple backing artists.

3078 The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter: THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND. Digitally re-mastered version of March 1968 Grammy-nominated release; features 10 total tracks.

3079 Wee Tam and the Big Huge: THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND. Digitally re-mastered reissue of band's fourth studio album, a double LP, from November 1968; features several backing artists on various instruments.

The Chalet, Bothuna, Spiddal, County Galway, Ireland

002 Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar: DAVE FLYNN. Fifty years of Irish fiddle tunes adapted for solo nylon-string guitar, with 15 tracks.

Ribe Landevej 190, Vejle DK-7100, Denmark

0210 Beyond the Borders: TRADISH. Debut album from traditional Irish band based in Denmark features 11-track mix of originals and trads.

0510 Svip Svap Svovlstikke: Folk Music from Denmark: SONNICH LYDOM and MORTEN ALFRED HØIRUP. 13 tracks of mostly traditional Danish folk songs from duo on accordion, harmonicas and guitar, with occasional backing.

Cockenzie Business Centre, Edinburgh Road, Cockenzie, East Lothian EH32 0XL, Scotland

328 Some Kind of Certainty: EWAN ROBERTSON. 10-track release features trads and covers from singer and guitarist.

Hammer and String
205 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Girl Who Broke My Heart: HAMMER and STRING. Seven trads and one original from Brooklyn-based folk/roots trio, with backing on fiddle, piano and banjo.

Akersgata 7, Oslo N-0158, Norway

7247 Seven Winds: UNNI LØVLID, BECAYE AW and ROLF-ERIK NYSTRØM. 13-track collaboration featuring Norwegian artists contains elements of folk, contemporary and electronica styles.

Hillbilly Pilgrim
522 Lebanon Street, Melrose, MA 02176

Little Vigils: MARK ERELLI. 11-track release from New England singer-songwriter features mainly original songs.

Lynn Hollyfield
821 Bryan Point Road, Accokeek, MD 20607

Layers: LYNN HOLLYFIELD. Debut solo recording from singer-songwriter features mainly originals, with backing on guitar and voice, or vocal harmony styles.

Home Records
8 Rue Patenier, Liège B-4000, Belgium

4446061 Ici Maintenat la Pouf!: TURDUS PHILOMENOS. Sophomore release from Belgian band draws on influences from funk, swing, folk, klezmer, reggae and more.

4446063 13, Chemin des Mandarines: KLEZMIC ZIRKUS. 11 tracks blending elements of modern and traditional music from 5-piece Belgian band.

Honest Jons
278 Portobello Road, London W10 5TE, U.K.

47 Abandoned Love: TREMBLING BELLS. 10 tracks of British folk music on sophomore release from Glasgow-based 4-piece band combining elements of trad folk, country, medieval music and classic rock.

The Honey Dewdrops
7631 Fairview Farm, Scottsville, VA 24590

If the Sun Will Shine: THE HONEY DEWDROPS. Folk husband-and-wife duo perform 11 original songs with a focus on instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

Horizon Music Group
679 1/2 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT 06516

2009 The Deep End: CHRISTINE OHLMAN and REBEL MONTEZ. First album in five years from SNL lead singer features 15 songs of contemporary rock and r&b.

Horizon Records
c/o Crossroads Music, P.O. Box 829, Arden, NC 28704

12762 Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly: DOYLE LAWSON and QUICKSILVER. 11 Gospel and bluegrass tracks from veteran musician and backing band.

Inverted Turtle
915 West End Ave,m #10A, New York, NY 10025

005 Pieces of Paradise: ROB CARLSON. Singer-songwriter and comedian releases 12-track solo debut; features mostly originals.

Ipbar Productions
80 Main Street, Richmond, ME 04357

Sailortown Days Sea Songs: CHARLIE IPCAR. 16 tracks featuring nautical sea poems set to music; mainly includes songs adapted from poems by Cicely Fox Smith.

9 Music Square South #314, Nashville, TN 37203

Istiqbal Gathering: JOHN JORGENSON and ORCHESTRA NASHVILLE. Music specifically recorded for gypsy jazz guitar and orchestra; features six tracks with Paul Gambill conducting.

One Stolen Night: JOHN JORGENSON QUINTET. Mix of standards and originals with swing influences; features multiple instruments including clarinet, voice and bouzouki.

Jackpot Music
P.O. Box 121, Chichester, NY 12146

12205 The Big Picture: UNCLE ROCK. Singer-songwriter/bassist releases fourth family music CD; features 12 original tracks and two covers.

JIII Enterprises Inc.
3135 Vermont Rd, Wellsville, KS 66092

Project DNA: PROJECT DNA. 10 tracks of light-hearted pop-rock from the frontman of a Kansas City 6-piece hard rock band.

Jingle Monkey
1235 Yale Place #1107, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dust and Tears: RICK McGUIRE. Nine tracks from singer-songwriter with elements of pop-rock, alt.-country, blues and more.

Judy C
P.O. Box 661, Ipswich, MA 01938

444: JUDY C. 10 original tracks from Massachusetts singer-songwriter in a folk-rock style; features Americana and Celtic influences.

Just Right
598 Lenape Circle, Langhorne, PA 19047

100002 Prophecies of Love: SHANE MARIE DEVINE. Nine covers and traditional tracks from Pennsylvania singer/guitarist.

Kindred Music
3201 Benedict Cyn Dr, Beverly Hils, CA 90210

Bounce Back: CREED BRATTON and the 3DVB's. Actor-comic releases 11 rock tracks; includes mostly originals.

P.O. Box 380218, Brooklyn, NY 11238

104 For the Love of Hazel: DAYNA KURTZ and MAMIE MINCH. Tribute EP to bluegrass musician and activist Hazel Dickens from two New York City recording artists.

Knotted Oak
41 The Avenue, Birmingham B27 6NG, UK

004 You, Me and the Sea Between Us: THE TEDS. 12 original tracks documenting the Irish immigrant experience; features elements of Cajun, rock, country and singer-songwriter styles.

Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Glasgow G76 0EQ, United Kingdom

289 The Complete Songs of Robert Burns: VARIOUS. 12-CD set features over 360 of the 18th-Century Scottish poet/songwriter's songs, performed by Scotland's leading traditional musicians.

Los Guitarristas
215 W. Ontario Ste 500, Chicago, IL 60654

Paisajes de Sudamerica: LOS GUITARRISTAS. Debut CD from Chicago-based guitar quartet features 10 original tracks honoring the musical traditions of each South American nation.

P.O. Box 1977, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10011

7456 Gamelan of Java, Vol. 1: Kraton Kasunanan: VARIOUS. Javanese gamelan music meant to reflect live performance; includes commentary by musicologist Bapak Sumarsam.

7457 Gamelan of Java, Vol. 2: Contemporary Composers: VARIOUS. Present-day compositions of Javanese gamelan music composed by Solonese musicians.

7458 Gamelan of Java, Vol. 3: Yogyakarta: VARIOUS. Javanese gamelan music from the regional tradition associated with the ancient Java capital of Yogyakarta.

7459 Where the Rivers Met ...: A.J. RACY / JAMES PETERSON. Collaboration between artists of Western orchestral and Middle Eastern instrumental styles.

Sheila Mac Donald
59 Orchard Street, Belmont, MA 02478

This Way: SHEILA MAC DONALD. Debut CD from Massachusetts singer-songwriter contains 14 original tracks.

P.O. Box 2525, Novato, CA 94948

Bernardo's Serenade: DOUG ADAMZ. 14 tracks of mostly originals from California-based singer-songwriter.

Magna Carta
A-1 Country Club Road, East Rochester, NY 14445

9104 Another Dawn: TEMPEST. 10 tracks of mostly trads from band with Celtic and Norwegian influences.

6 Temple Court, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Bahia de Todos os Santos: DENDÊ and HÃHÃHÃES. 12-track debut release from Brazilian percussionist with backing band; combines Afro-Brazilian rhythms with elements of jazz, reggae, funk, rumba and Afrobeat.

Irka Mateo
172 Fifth Avenue #130, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Anacaona: IRKA MATEO. 10 world music tracks from native Taina/Dominicana singer-songwriter.

Matt the Scat
7400 Rosewood Manor Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Jump Back, Big T's in the House: TERRY BIG T WILLIAMS. 11-track mix of originals and covers from veteran blues guitarist.

2020 N. Douglas Ave., Springfield, MO 65803

0224 This Is the Jubilee: NOAH EARLE. Third album features 14 original tracks in mainly American folk music styles.

Modern Vintage
14 E 4th St, #602, New York, NY 10012

Misty Boyce: MISTY BOYCE. Debut from New York singer-songwriter features 12 original tracks.

Neptune's Car
P.O. Box 182, Sutton, MA 01590

Strawberry Moon: NEPTUNE'S CAR. 12 tracks of mostly originals from singer-songwriter folk duo.

Niblick is a Giraffe
P.O. Box 20078, London NW2 3FA, U.K.

A Beginner's Guide: JIM MORAY. U.S. release of choice tracks from Moray's U.K. albums; includes mostly trads.

Ninth Street Opus
1666 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709

0001 Love and Circumstance: CARRIE RODRIGUEZ. Covers album featuring songs by Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, Lucinda Williams and others from singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, with backing.

October Boy
P.O. Box 271, Flat Rock, NC 28731

1 October Boy: TOM FISCH. 11-track acoustic release features mostly originals from North Carolina-based singer-songwriter, with full backing band.

Geoffrey Oelsner
1451 North Canterbury Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Ordinary Mystery: GEOFFREY OELSNER with FAMILY and FRIENDS. 15 folk tracks from Arkansas singer-songwriter; proceeds from sales go toward charitable Native American and indigenous Canadian organizations.

On the Midway
P.O. Box 511342, Milwaukee, WI 53203

0002 Fog of War: WILL BRANCH. Veteran American roots singer and musician explores atmosphere of war on first all-original solo release, focusing on events of the last decade.

118 Beck Rd., Loudon, NH 03307

010 Short Stories: GRÁINNE MURPHY. A baker's dozen tracks on debut solo album from Boston-born Irish fiddler, with backing on flute, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, accordion and more.

Oxford Road
3501 Vallejo St., Denver, CO 80211

Three Days in May: COLCANNON. 15-track release features a mix of traditional Irish music alongside original compositions.

1465 Fallen Leaf Drive, Livermore, CA 94551

002 Hair of the Dohg: PLADDOHG. California-based Celtic band releases second album, a 12-track CD comprised of trads and covers.

Porto Franco
162 Duncan St., San Franciso, CA 94110

015 On a Day Like This: MEKLIT HADERO. 10 mostly original tracks from Ethiopia-born, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter blending global influences; includes one traditional Ethiopian song.

Becky Reardon
HCR 74-22143, El Prado, NM 87529

003 Inside the Outside: BECKY REARDON. 14 tracks of mostly originals from New Mexico-based veteran singer-songwriter.

Red House
P.O. Box 4044, 501 W. Lynnhurst Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

229 One and All: PIETA BROWN. Singer-songwriter uses guitars, keyboards and pedal steel on 12 original tracks with elements of Americana, indie rock and folk.

Road Narrows / Signature Sounds
P.O. Box 106, Whately, MA 01093

2028 25: PATTY LARKIN. Veteran singer-songwriter/guitarist covers 25 love songs from different artists; songs span the years 1985-2010.

Rose Rock
5511 28th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107

222 Roses Guide to Time Travel: NANCY K. DILLON. 11 original songs in a folk/Americana style from Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter.

One Rounder Way, Burlington, MA 01803

0646 Summertown Road: SUMMERTOWN ROAD. Kentucky-based 4-piece band releases a mix of covers and originals on 14-track CD; features elements of traditional and contemporary bluegrass.

Ludwig-Wagner-Str. 31A, Lindewerra D-37318, Germany

1153 I Want It All Back: COCO MONTOYA. 11 tracks of mostly covers from blues guitarist; employs blues, soul, rock, r&b and doo wop styles with vocals.

1155 Brown Sugar: SHAKURA S'AIDA. Canadian-based multi-lingual international blues artist releases 12-track label debut.

Sage Arts
14311 Stehr Rd., Arlington, WA 98223

0209 Ghost Town: MARLEY'S GHOST. Veteran roots band releases 14 tracks exploring genres of blues, reggae, acoustic folk and more.

Rana Santacruz
505 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

Chicavasco: RANA SANTACRUZ. Debut release from Brooklyn-based Mexican singer-songwriter contains 13 original tracks in Spanish; explores multiple musical styles.

Screen Door Porch
P.O. Box 11824, Jackson, WY 83002

Screen Door Porch: SCREEN DOOR PORCH. Multi-instrumentalist duo releases 12 original tracks of alt-folk and Americana.

Shut Eye
1180 Vickers St, Atlanta, GA 30316

Red Wing: THE STEEL WHEELS. 14 tracks of mainly originals with some trads from Americana band; explores styles of blues, bluegrass and more.

P.O. Box 1906, Kernersville, NC 27285

0002 Made of Stars: SALLY SPRING. 11 tracks of mostly originals; features primarily acoustic songs with some electric instrumentation in multiple Americana styles.

550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-3211

64311 My Name is Khan: SEL. Soundtrack for a feature film by Karan Johar about an Indian-Muslim man in a post-9/11 world; includes trailer for film that can be seen on PC only.

Ryan Spearman
3912 Humphrey Street, St. Louis, MO 63116

Live at the Chapel: RYAN SPEARMAN. A mix of trads, originals and covers from St. Louis-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist; features primarily folk, blues, old-time and jazz styles.

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop
P.O. Box 802, Sparta, NJ 07871

130/1/2 At Home and Church: REVEREND GARY DAVIS. 3-CD set of songs recorded from 1962-1967 at the home and storefront church of Rev. Gary Davis; includes folk, blues, rags, religious songs and sermons.

Swamp Girl
4484 Salvia Dr., Orlando, FL 32839

I'm That Way: BETH McKEE. Southern roots artist produces 10 covers with elements of rock, blues, soul, Gospel and country.

Thirty Tigers
1604 8th Avenue South, 2nd Floor, Nashville, TN 37203

09 Reckless Habits: GREAT AMERICAN TAXI. 13-track release from jam band features styles of blues, bluegrass, honky tonk, Gospel, rock 'n' roll and more.

P.O. Box 840, Camden, ME 04843

17 Other Eyes: GORDON BOK. Folk music veteran's 17th release features 15-track mix of covers, trads and originals, with backing.

Tin Angel
23 Farm Close Rd, Coventry CV6 2GD, UK

012 California: PAUL CURRERI. 13 tracks of mostly originals from Virginia-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Weekend Beatnik / Rogue
P.O. Box 337, London N4 1TW, U.K.

9045 Time Is Ripe: IAN A. ANDERSON. Selections from three albums from the early 1970s featuring country blues singer/guitarist's exploration of psych folk.

941 N. Croft Ave. Ste. A, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Where I Belong: SARAH DASHEW. 10 original tracks from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.

216 W. 89th Street, New York, NY 10024

219 Images of Women Vol. 2: ROBIN GREENSTEIN. Folk and blues singer-songwriter releases second CD in a series featuring mostly traditional songs about women.

World Circuit / Nonesuch
1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019

522937 Ali and Toumani: ALI FARKA TOURÉ and TOUMANI DIABATÉ. Final collaboration between renowned kora player and legendary guitarist before Touré's death; contains West African traditionals, as well as originals from both.

World Village
dist. Harmonia Mundi USA, 1117 Chestnut St., Burbank, CA 91506-1624

468099 Leva-Me Aos Fados: ANA MOURA. 17 tracks from young Portuguese fado singer.

479027 Y La Misteriosa en Paris - Live à FIP: LILA DOWNS. Mexican-American artist's first live recording contains songs that span six different albums.


dist. Sony Music, 550 Madison Ave., 17th Fl., New York, NY 10022-3211

62163 Axis: Bold as Love: THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE. Sophomore follow-up to Are You Experienced?; includes 13-track CD and a DVD.


AcuTab Publications Inc.
P.O. Box 21061, Roanoke, VA 24018

1 Secrets Songs & Tunes: SIERRA HULL. 2-DVD, four-plus hour set features teen mandolin player teacheing solos from her album Secrets, along with other instrumentals.