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Welcome to the "online" edition of "Publication Noted." Here you can find an annotated listing for all the releases submitted to Sing Out! from October 2008 thru January 2009. Included is contact information for each of the labels/publishers, many of which sell recordings directly from their web sites. You can search this list by using the "find" or "search" tools in your browser. We hope to be able to make this data more broadly searchable and linkable in the future. Thanks for your patience during our transition of certain long-time magazine features from print to the web!

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Publication Noted (Oct. '08 thru Jan. '09)


BearManor Media
PO Box 71426, Albany, GA 31708

PABLO STORIES: A SLICE OF THE COUNTRY WESTERN ERA by Paul McClure. 2008, ISBN: 1593933037, pbk $29.95, 415pp., 6 x 9, Glossary, illustration by Craig George. Short stories, articles and artifacts describe Country Western dance culture in the mid-eighties through the mid-nineties.

Berklee Press
1140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215

MUSIC SMARTS: THE INSIDE TRUTH AND ROAD-TESTED WISDOM FROM THE BRIGHTEST MINDS IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS by Mr. Bonzai. 2009, ISBN: 0876390971, pbk $14.99, 200pp., 5 x 7, Who’s who guide, index, black and white photos. Musicians reflect on their experiences, including hundreds of quotations.

GIA Publications
7404 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638

Sing With the World: Global Songs for Children by John L. Bell and Alison Adam. 2008, ISBN: 1579997368, pbk $14.95, 64pp., 9 X 7, Topical index, title index. Words and music for 24 songs from 23 countries, simplified accompaniments for suitable student players, and options for simple harmony, descants and cantor parts.

Hal Leonard
7777 W. Bluemound Rd., P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213-0819

EASY SONGS FOR UKULELE: PLAY THE MELODIES OF 20 POP, FOLK, COUNTRY, AND BLUES SONGS by Lil’ Rev. 2008, ISBN: 1423402766, pbk $14.95, 48pp., 9 x 12. 20 songs arranged for ukulele and presented in order of difficulty, including sheet music, lyrics and chords; includes CD of accompaniment tracks to play along with and tuning tips.

ukulele method book 2 by Lil’ Rev. 2008, ISBN: 142341618X, pbk $9.95, 48pp., 9 x 12, exercises, creative resources list. A follow-up to Book 1, Book 2 teaches melody playing and right-hand techniques, includes CD.

POP ROCK: PLAY 8 OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS WITH TAB AND SOUND-ALIKE CD TRACKS by Clint Hoover and Jim Liban. 2008, ISBN: 1423423127, pbk $14.99, 64pp., 9 x 12, Harmonica notation legend. Play along book and CD teaching 8 pop, rock songs.

ROCK HITS: PLAY 8 OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS WITH TAB AND SOUND-ALIKE CD TRACKS by Clint Hoover. 2008, ISBN: 1423423267, pbk $14.99, 64pp., 9 x 12. 8 harmonica songs including notation, lyrics and CD.

BLUEGRASS GUITAR: 10 SOLO CLASSICS FOR FLATPICKING AND FINGERSTYLE IN STANDARD NOTATION AND TABLATURE by Wayne Henderson and David Ziegele. 2008, ISBN: 1423431669, pbk $16.99, 56pp., 9 x 12. 10 complete, classic Bluegrass tunes for intermediate and advanced players, including CD.

BLUES UKULELE: A JUMPIN’ JIM ’S UKULELE SONGBOOK by FRED SOKOLOW. 2008, ISBN: 1423465725, pbk $24.95, 40pp., 9 x 12. 16 songs in two arrangements including lyrics, melody and chords or tablature with choral grids.

BLUES ROCK by Mat Gurmanator Gurman. ISBN: 320083,, pp.,. Electric blues guitar soloing instruction.

THE AUTHENTIC GUITAR STYLE OF TOM PAXTON by Tom Paxton. 1989, ISBN: 0895244489, pbk $14.95, 48pp., 9 x 12, Reading guitar tablature and performance notes guide. Notes and lyrics for 12 Tom Paxton songs.

303 MORE FIDDLE TUNES by Ron Middlebrook. 2009, ISBN: 157424244X, pbk $9.95, 80pp., 9 x 12, explanation of the jig, reel, hornpipe and waltz. Reels, jigs, hornpipes, clogs and strathspeys sheet music and lyrics for the fiddle; includes article on old time contests and b&w photographs.

Jawbone Press
1700 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

HOT BURRITOS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS by John Einarson with Chris Hallman. 2008, ISBN: 1906002169, pbk $19.95, 336pp., 9 X 6, Foreword, cast of characters, discography, index. First biography of country rock band, The Flying Burrito Brothers.

University of North Carolina Press
P.O. Box 2288, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2288

THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOUTHERN CULTURE VOL. 12: MUSIC by Bill C. Malone, Volume Editor, and Charles Reagan Wilson, General Editor. 2008, ISBN: 0807832391, pbk $22.5, 448pp., 10 X 6, Index. 30 thematic essays and 172 encyclopedia entries, covering topics such as ragtime, zydeco, folk music, festivals, minstrelsy, rockbilly, white and black gospel traditions and southern rock as well as 47 illustrations and two maps.

University Press of Mississippi
3825 Ridgewood Rd., Jackson, MS 39211-6492

ACCORDION DREAMS: A JOURNEY INTO CAJUN AND CREOLE MUSIC by Blair Kilpatrick. 2009, ISBN: 160473101X, cloth $28, 250pp., 6 x 9. Story of a woman who sets out to master the Cajun accordion.

RARE BIRDS: CONVERSATIONS WITH LEGENDS OF JAZZ AND CLASSICAL MUSIC by Thomas Rain Crowe with Nan Watkins. 2008, ISBN: 1604731109, pbk $20, 143pp., 9 X 6, artist’s discographies. Six in-depth interviews with jazz musicians and composers.

SOUTHERN FIDDLERS AND FIDDLE CONTESTS by Chris Goertzen. 2008, ISBN: 1604731222, cloth $50, 163pp., 10 X 6, Appendix: Four fiddlers speak, index. First scholarly monograph about American fiddle contests including twelve photos and four interviews with fiddlers.

Writer’s Digest
1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207

SONGWRITER’S MARKET: WHERE AND HOW TO MARKET YOUR SONGS by Greg Hatfield. 2009, ISBN: 1-58297-547-4, pbk $29.99, 416pp., 9 X 7, Category index, openness to submissions index, film and TV index, geographic index, general index. Tell-all of how to build a successful song writing career including exlusive interviews with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, articles on how MySpace and Facebook are changing how music gets heard and listings for numerous music companies.


213 Music
714 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 710, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Darryl Holter: DARRYL HOLTER. Singer-songwriter presents 13 original songs blending rock, country, blues and folk on his debut album.

2b1 Multimedia, Inc.
3075 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

2227 Africa: LUTAN FYAH. Thompson Pen artist releases 2 disc-CD of 30 reggae tracks.

36 61st Place, Long Beach, CA 90803

Cathy-Anne McClintock: CATHY-ANNE MCCLINTOCK. Acoustic/folk/Americana songs, including originals and duets, from singer-songwriter.

c/o Savoy Label Group, 1316 3rd Street Promenade Ste 111, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1324

17679 Saints and Sinngers: YOUNG DUBLINERS. Contemporary Irish-American band blends Celtic and rock influences on 12 original tracks with backing from guitars, violin, keyboards, harp, mandolin, pipes, whistles and percussion.

17692 Keep the Faith: TONI CHILDS. Singer-songwriter performs 11 songs with backing on her first full-length album in over 10 years.

17766 Hungry Bird: CLEM SNIDE. Indie-rock band draws on folk influences for delayed sixth album which was originally recorded in 2006.

5-String Productions
334 W. Union St., West Chester, PA 19382-3329

001 The Unsung Father of Country Music: ERNEST V. STONEMAN. 2-disc set including 46 country and roots songs and 48-page anthology commemorating rural singer-songwriter and founding father of country music, Ernest V. Stoneman.

08002 Falls of Richmond: MATT BROWN. Multi-instrumentalist performs 14 roots songs including two originals backed by fiddle, banjo and guitar.

08003 Bowling Green: ALICE GERRARD and MIKE SEEGER. 26 old-time songs from legendary duo recorded for various LPs from 1967 to 1980.

08004 An Evening at WPAQ, 1984: Legacy Series: BENTON FLIPPEN and THE SMOKEY VALLEY BOYS. 20 old-time songs backed by fiddle, guitars, mandolin and banjo.

64-56 Media
1089 Broad Ave. N, Naples, FL 34102

830460234029 The Last Angel on Earth: DARUNAM/MILAN. 13 songs of world music from duo Radovan Joviecevic and Manu Narayan and clarinetist Milan Milosevic.

Abby and the Pipsqueaks
Po 28542, Oakland, CA 94604

Abby and the Pipsqueaks!: ABBY and THE PIPSQUEAKS. Award-winning third CD from children’s artist features variety of interactive songs from pop to calypso.

Acoustic Music
Postach 1945, Osnabrück D-49009, Germany

1399 Born to Groove: MASA SUMIDÉ. 14 tracks from acoustic guitarist range from jazz to funk.

1402 UnCovered: VICKI GENFAN. 12-track CD featuring mostly cover songs by guitarist/singer-songwriter, with guests.

1404 Strike Back: HELM and HEIK. 13 film music tracks from German duo.

1405 Gedankenreise: FALK ZENKER. 12 instrumentals from German guitarist on the nylon string and electric guitars, percussion, zither, harmonic tubes, singing bowls and kalimba, with guests.

1406 Catch the Spirit: JACQUES STOTZEM. Belgian fingerstyle guitarist interprets 12 tracks on the acoustic guitar.

9067 Woodcraft: MARKUS SEGSCHNEIDER. 12 tracks from German acoustic guitarist, songwriter and composer.

1401 Vís-à-Vis: MANFRED LEUCHTER and IAN MELROSE. Guitarist and accordionist collaborate on 13 tracks, ranging from Celtic to French.

P.O. Box 350, Reading RG6 7DQ, U.K.

034 Mandolinquents: THE SIMON MAYOR QUINTET. Rereleased 1997 debut album from 5-piece folk band with backing on mandolin, cello, guitar, bass and violin.

Donna Adler

Violets and Blues: DONNA ADLER. 12 songs, including originals, from singer-songwriter.

278 Hothorpe Lane, Villanova, PA 19085

0801 Words and Music Nashville: VARIOUS. Nashville-direct singer-songwriter compilation of 10 tracks.

Josh Allen
4412 S. 1st, Austin, TX 78745

Orpehus: JOSH ALLEN. Debut 10-song LP from singer-songwriter.

P.O. Box 60234, Chicago, IL 60660

4927 Havin’ the Last Word: SAFFIRE - THE UPPITY BLUES WOMEN. Final album from female acoustic blues trio features 16 tracks backed by guitars, mandolin, harmonicas, keyboards and more.

Ancient Future
P.O. Box 264, Kentfield, CA 94914-0264

2008 Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar: MATTHEW MONTFORT. Debut solo album features 7 original improvisational compositions performed on the scalloped fretboard guitar largely inspired by the musical traditions of India.

2010 Planet Passion: Mythical Stories of Love Around the World: ANCIENT FUTURE . Various artists collaborate on 12 recreated tracks of world fusion music.

2017 Sangria: MARIAH PARKER. Composer and multi-instrumentalist performs 8 original compositions blending Latin jazz from Brazil, Cuba and Spain with music from East India.

c/o Epitaph, 2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

86952 The Living and The Dead: JOLIE HOLLAND. Texas-bred singer-songwriter mixes folk, blues and jazz influences on her fourth album.

P.O. Box 2593, West Chester, PA 19380

1114 Let the Circle Be Wide: TOMMY SANDS with MOYA and FIONÁN. Irish singer-songwriter and activist presents 15 tracks with backing from his daughter and son on his seventh solo album.

1115 What I Know: TOM RUSH. First studio album from veteran folk singer in over 30 years features five originals, nine covers, and a version of Casey Jones.

2515 36th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

13 You Got To Move: PHIL HEYWOOD. Veteran singer-songwriter and guitarist presents 14 original and traditional songs backed by guitars.

ARC Music
P.O. Box 111, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4FZ, U.K.

2201 Caribbean Tropical Music: Martinique: Ballet Exotic du Robert: VARIOUS. Artists perform Caribbean tunes from Martinique with traditional African-influenced drums.

Jeanne T. Arrigo
4823 N. Ashland #2, Chicago, IL 60640

4823 Favorite Hymns Live!: JEANNE T. ARRIGO and FRIENDS. Chicago singer-songwriter’s 2-disc release features hymns and spirituals accompanied by guitar, string bass, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, clarinet and recorder.

1 Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 10023

Cowboy: Jesse Goplen. Debut album from folk-rock singer-songwriter featuring nine original songs.

Asphalt Tango
Ackerstrasse 14/15, Berlin D-10115, Germany

2009 Radio Romanista: KAL. 7-piece Serbian Gypsy ensemble blends folk, roots and punk music on their sophomore album of 14 originals with backing and special guests.

Avenue A
P.O. Box 51, High Bridge, NJ 08829

The 47th Problem: JOE CASSADY and THE WEST END SOUND. Sophomore album from New York City band features 11 originals mixing alt. country and Americana along with the influence of Beat poetry.

P.O. Box 1704, Hoboken, NJ 07030

195 Eleven Songs: LUKA BLOOM. Irish-born singer-songwriter releases 11 tracks including country folk and acoustic guitar.

193 18th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Infinity: WARSAW VILLAGE BAND. Polish folk sextet explores transcultural connections between traditional Polish music and music from Scandanavia, Africa, the Near East and Jewish communities.

Bear Family
Grenzweg 1, Holste-Oldendorf 27729, Germany

16538 There’s Been A Change In Me: EDDY ARNOLD. 7-CD box set with 52-page book including all of country artist’s 1951-1955 recordings and 44 previously unissued songs and performances.

Beaucoup Blue
1141 Gerritt St., Philadelphia, PA 19147

Free to Fall: BEAUCOUP BLUE. Philadelphia-based father and son acoustic duo release 12 blues and American roots tracks.

Beltaine’s Fire
484 37th St. #108, Oakland, CA 94609

Liberty: BELTAINE’S FIRE. Oakland-based 5-member collective presents 13 tracks of Celtic Hip-Hop on their sophomore album.

P.O. Box 120603, Nashville, TN 37212

5503 Stay a While: BYRON HILL. 12 contemporary folk and country originals from Nashville singer-songwriter, with musical guests.

Biomimicry Institute
P.O. Box 9216, Missoula, MT 59807

2009A Ask the Planet: THE MISSOULA COYOTE CHOIR and FRIENDS. 17 children’s songs about nature and the environment.

234 Seeley St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 11218

Dear Life: RUPERT WATES. Eleven original songs from London born singer-songwriter with acoustic guitar, bass and percussion backing.

Black Hen
Box 95105, Kingsgate RPO, Vancouver, BC V5T 4T8, Canada

0052 Winter Hours: THE DEEP DARK WOODS. Canadian 4-piece blends folk, r&b and rock influences on 11 original songs and one traditional English folk song.

Black Jake and The Carnies
318 N. Park St., Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Where the Heather Don’t Grow: BLACK JAKE and THE CARNIES. Debut album from Michigan-based 8-piece band blends Americana, bluegrass and punk on 10 crabgrass tracks.

Black Wolf
P.O. Box 381982, Cambridge, MA 02238

008 The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer: ANTJE DUVEKOT. 11 mostly original tracks from Boston-based contemporary singer-songwriter.

P.O. Box 336, North Chili, NY 14514

Surrounded by Lights: JESSE SPRINKLE. Seattle native and New York-based singer-songwriter delivers 12 pop influenced originals.

Blind Fish Music
1180 Croquet Lane, Sebastian, FL 32958

003 A Girl in Oklahoma: THE ASHLEY GANG. 5-member band from Florida releases 12 folk tracks, with guests.

Blind Pig
P.O. Box 2344, San Francisco, CA 94126

5126 Sugar Shack: DAMON FOWLER. Florida native presents roots, rock, blues, and sacred steel music with touches of gospel, deep southern blues and southern Americana.

5127 Love Me Tonight: JOHN NÉMETH. Blend of retro and modern blues and soul on vocalist and harmonica player’s second album.

3039 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60618

160 Midnight at the Movies: JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE. Singer-songwriter’s sophomore release features 12 tracks mixing diverse American songwriting traditions.

Blue Shoe Project
P.O. Box 1375, Colleyville, TX 76034

Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen: Live in Dallas: VARIOUS. 18 live tracks featuring blues legends David Honeyboy Edwards, Henry James Townsend, Joe Willie Pinetop’ Perkins and Robert Lockwood, Jr.

Bob Hay and the Jolly Beggars
P.O. Box 23, Athens, GA 30603

003 Bawdy Noise: BOB HAY and THE JOLLY BEGGARS. Athens, Ga. old-time stringband performs 16 songs by Robert Burns.

Bojo Music
68 Pendleton Place, Staten Island, NY 10301-1221

The Diver: BOB WRITGHT and HARBORTOWN REVUE. Bluegrass singer-songwriter presents nineteen songs backed by banjo, guitars, accordion, bass, percussion, mandola, fiddle and pipes.

Harbortown: BOB WRIGHT. Singer-songwriter presents fifteen acoustic songs backed by banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass and fiddle.

Braun and Brains
Unit 849 #101-1001 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4, Canada

007 Acoustically Inclined: NORINE BRAUN. Debut roots and blues acoustic album from Vancouver-based, Canadian singer-songwriter.

Michael Brennan
67 Riverdale Ave., Toronto, ON M4K 1C2, Canada

Anywhere But Here: MICHAEL BRENNAN. Sophomore solo country album from Toronto-based singer-songwriter.

Broke and Hungry
5327 Nottingham Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109

2 M For Mississippi: A Road Trip Through the Birthplace of the Blues: VARIOUS. Soundtrack to film that features songs from Mississippi blues performers.

Bumstead Productions Ltd.
PO Box 158, Stn. E, Toronto, ON M6H 4E2

001 Never Just a Dream: EMMA-LEE. Toronto singer releases 10 tracks ranging from jazz and pop to folk and blues.

Bunj Jam
P.O. Box 5391, Vienna, WV 26105

14 My Lost and Found: TODD BURGE. 13 original Americana, bluegrass and folk songs.

Burning Bridget Clearly
2681 Burton Road, Harleysville, PA 19438

Everything is Alright: BURNING BRIDGET CLEARLY. Sophomore album from Celtic three-piece band.

P.O. Box 26840, Glasgow G3 9AH, Scotland

022009 Got Me Electric: DAVE ARCARI. UK alt. blues artist releases 13 tracks, including nine originals.

Byrd and Street
1804 Apricot Glen Dr., Austin, TX 78746

Love Broke the Fall: TOMMY BYRD and KATHY STREET. Two Americana singers joined by fiddler, guitarist, mandolinist, and cellist release 11 originals.

Captain Bogg and Salty
PO Box 12264, Portland, OR 97212

Emphatical Piratical: CAPTAIN BOGG and SALTY. Portland-based rock band releases 12 pirate-themed songs.

Champagne Charlie
Sint Pieterstraat 37, Middleburg 4331 EV, Holland

2008-6 Waitin’ On Roosevelt: CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE. Blues and roots band from Zeeland present 21 songs from the 1930s and 1940s.

Checkered Kitty
823 N Jefferson Ave., Mason City, IA 50401

Prairie Project: CRAIG STROUD. 11 tracks from Michigan-based singer and guitarist, with guests.

Chezz-Tone Records
2617 NE 32nd Ave, Portland, OR 97212

Fetch It!: STEVE CHESEBOROUGH. 13 tracks of old-style blues from Portland-based artist featuring wood and metal guitars, harmonica, washboard and footstomping.

Stacy Claude
322 Riverview Dr, Asheville, NC 28806

Dehlia Low: DEHLIA LOW. 5-piece bluegrass and country band releases 8-track debut featuring originals and trads.

4714 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

102844 Delta Berimbau Blues: CHUCK BERNSTEIN. 16 songs featuring the berimbua on both solo and collaborative pieces.

916 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212

4482 The Company You Keep: ALISON BROWN. Award-winning banjo virtuoso delivers ten bluegrass tracks on her 10th album, with backing from her longtime quartet as well as special guests.

4495 The Green Fields of America: THE GREEN FIELDS OF AMERICA. 14 songs using Irish vocal, instrumental and dance traditions backed by banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddles, bouzouki and accordion.

4502 Double Play: LIZ CARROLL and JOHN DOYLE. 13-track CD from Irish-American fiddler and Irish guitarist.

7 4496 2 That Kind of Love: PIERCE PETTIS. Singer and guitarist presents twelve love songs backed by guitar, harmonica, mandolin, drums and various guest musicians.

Completelly Nuts
601 E 11th St., East Village, NY 1009

002 Mansa America: FULA FLUTE. Six-piece ensemble performs 12 neo-traditional tracks blending West African and American elements with backing on the tambin (African flute).

Concord Records
100 N. Crescent Dr., Ste. 275, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

31197 The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me: JANE MONHEIT. Jazz vocalist performs covers of songs by Fiona Apple, Corrine Bailey Rae, Paul Simon, Cole Porter, Jimmy Dorsey, Leonard Bernstein, and others on her ninth album.

Casey Connor
P.O. Box 245, Arcata, CA 95518

Gggghosts?: CASEY CONNOR. Twelve original post-folk songs from California singer-songwriter.

Phil Cooper
6 N 631 Brierwood Dr., Campton Hills, IL 60175

01 February Sky: PHIL COOPER and SUSAN URBAN. 18 folk trads from duo on guitar, cittern, banjo and more, with guests.

Cosa Nostra
P.O. Box 273, Station C, Montréal, QC H2L 4K1, Canada

1935 Marco Calliari: MARCO CALLIARI. 13 song compilation of Quebec artist’s first two albums of Italian music.

The Cougar
300 Richardson Str., Brooklyn, NY 1122

008 Here’s to Outliving Me: Doug Keith. Singer-songwriter presents 11 original songs backed by guitar, bass, drums and other instruments.

Country Crossing
29 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 27203

01002 In Overdrive: AARON TIPPIN. 14 country tracks from Nashville-based artist.

4 Glendesha Road, Mullaghbawn, Newry BT35 9TB, N. Ireland

4452 In Full Flight: LEN GRAHAM. A baker’s dozen tracks from Irish traditional singer performed live in St. Paul, MN, in April 2008.

P.O. Box 829, Arden, NC 28704

12062 Last Train to Kitty Hawk: BALSAM RANGE. 12-track album from North Carolina-based bluegrass quintet, with guests.

Cub Creek
8552 Cub Creek Rd., Nashville, TN 37209-6005

1967 Good Life: MARK ELLIOTT. Americana story song CD from Nashville singer-songwriter.

413 Carpenter Rd., Charlotte, VT 05445

10 Within My Walls: THE IDAN RAICHEL PROJECT. 13 tracks from Israeli keyboardist and composer fusing Israeli pop with Middle Eastern, African, Indian and other global sounds.

Deep Fried Discs
406 Greenway Ave., Nashville, TN 37205

Azalea: JEFFERSON ROSS. Storytelling southern songwriter presents 12 original acoustic songs on his debut album.

Brigitte DeMeyer
2404 Hillside Dr., Burlingame, CA 94010

Red River Flower: BRIGITTE DeMEYER. Singer-songwriter performs in southern styles on 13 original songs backed by guitars, bass, organ, piano and drums.

622 W. Johns Hill Rd., Wilder, KY 41076

007 Tales From the Tall Side: RAISON D’ETRE. Eight originals and four covers of contemporary folk tracks from female trio.

Jeremy Dion
P.O. Box 2587, Silverthorne, CO 80498

Finally: JEREMY DION. Debut album from Colorado folk-rock singer-songwriter.

Distant Whisper
P.O. Box 75063, Edmonton, AB T6E 6K1, Canada

04 The Peddler: MARIA DUNN. Ten songs mixing North American folk and country traditions with Scottish-Irish vocals to tell stories from various backgrounds.

Drag City
P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647-6867

666 Beware: BONNIE ’PRINCE’ BILLY. Will Oldham and band deliver a baker’s dozen alt.-folk tracks.

P.O. Box 54743, Atlanta, GA 30308

12 Art of Field Recording, Vol. 2: VARIOUS. 107 tracks of 50 years’ worth of Art Rosenbaum’s field recordings of traditional American Music in a 4-CD boxed set; includes 96-page book containing essays, annotations and illustrations.

Ear X-tacy
1534 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Winding Highways: MICKEY CLARK. Kentucky-based singer-songwriter presents 14 songs featuring several guest musicians.

315 Marion, Big Rapids, MI 49307

This Here: SETH BERNARD. Soundtrack album from Michigan-born folk singer-songwriter.

0306 Being This Being: SETH BERNARD. 12 contemporary folk tracks from Mich. singer-songwriter.

10 Columbine Lane, Riverwoods, IL 60015

Eddie Holstein: EDDIE HOLSTEIN. 17 tracks from Illinois folk and blues singer and guitarist.

Llwyn Onn, Waunfawr, Caernarfon LL55 4BQ, UK

001 The Dressing Gown Goddess: GWILYN MORUS. Welsh singer-songwriter presents ten original songs backed by guitars, bass, cello, piano and other instruments.

Elixir Music
P.O. Box 1372, Brattleboro, VT 05302

Super Tonic: ELIXIR. 5-piece band performs 13 traditional and original Irish, French Canadian and New England dance tunes with backing on fiddle, guitar, trombone, trumpet, clarinet and more.

Emigrant Trail
P.O. Box 661111, Mar Vista, CA, 90066

1002 The Emigrant Trail: A Journey West: RAY DOYLE. 11 songs from California-based Irish songwriter and guitarist of Wylie and the Wild West.

158 Victor Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1B1, Canada

09 Hit and Run: EMMA COOK. Canadian singer-songwriter’s first US album featuring 16 folk, jazz and rock tracks.

P.O. Box 8021, Burlington, VT 05402

7 Battler: GREGORY DOUGLASS. Twelve songs from singer-songwriter’s seventh album.

Enslow Publishers
40 Industrial rd., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

3287 A Musical Journey in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark: ANNE and RIDLEY ENSLOW. 30 songs from Lewis and Clark’s time period depicting their journey across America.

Etnisk Musikklubb
Masovngata 20, Kongsberg 3616, Norway

53 Meeting in the Mountain: SVEIN WESTAD, DURGA KHATIWADA, JIWAN RAI, and SHYAM NEPALI. 14 songs mixing Nepali and Norwegian traditional music.

Ever Reviled
P.O. Box 222, Jersey City, NJ 07303-0222

0011 The Jersey Devil Is Here: DARREN DEICIDE. New Jersey-based musician presents 9 roots-rock originals on this third album.

Falling Mountain
7955 Countryside Dr. #117, Niwot, CO 80503

1054 Fond Desire Farewell: DEBRA COWAN. Trads and covers from vocalist and musical guests on 12-track CD.

False Momentum Songs
1601 15th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212, US

1002 The Violet Hush: JOHNNY BENNETT. 10 pop and rock tracks from vocalist with musical accompaniment.

Family Records
242 E. 3rd St., Suite # 11, New York, NY 10009

Gabriel Kahane: GABRIEL KAHANE. Debut album from New York singer/composer/pianist.

P.O. Box 22, Winthrop, WA 98862-0022

908 An Old Striped Shirt: HANK CRAMER. 13-track tribute to The Kingston Trio from Pacific Northwest folksinger.

Festival Five
323 Dean St. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11217

012 The Welcome Table!: DAN ZANES and FRIENDS. 15 tracks of family-friendly North American gospel music from Grammy Award winners.

Patrick Fitzsimmons
60 Spruce St. #1, Burlington, VT 05401

So Beautiful So Blue: PATRICK FITZSIMMONS. Vermont singer-songwriter presents twelve original songs backed by guitars, piano, drums, harmonica and guest musicians.

14 Siskin Road, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9UL, U.K.

3073 Stereo Death Breakdown: IAN ANDERSON’S COUNTRY BLUES BAND. 40th Anniversary re-issue of classic 1960s British blues album includes two extra tracks and new liner notes.

Flexer and Hegedus
2841 Rawson St., Oakland, CA 94619

001 Teslim: KAILA FLEXER and GARI HEGEDUS. Duo present twelve Greek, Sephardic and original songs backed by violin, fiddle, harp and a variety of different instruments.

236 East 36th St., New York, NY 10016

All Wound UP: DAVE FIELDS. Blues singer-songwriter presents twelve original songs backed by guitar, organ and a variety of other instruments.

Four Quarters Entertaiment / World Connection
555 8th Ave., Ste. 1803, New York, NY 10018

1814 Terra: MARIZA. Portuguese fado star blends traditional music and innovative sounds on 15 tracks.

Free and Easy
31 Burnview Crescent, Toronto, ON M1H 1B4, Canada

003 Freedom: CRABTREE and MILLS. 15 folk, jazz, and pop songs from Canadian duo featuring acoustic guitars, bass, accordion and mandolin.

Galloping Goat
2 Dana Ave, Winchester, MA 01890-1010

3425 Song of the Swan: NATRAJ. Artist blends jazz with African and Indian beats on 12-track release.

Ivor Game
20 Lynegrove Ave., Ashford, UK TW15 IER, U.K.

Wake Up and Sing: IVOR GAME. Seventh album, including 10 original songs, from London singer/songwriter

GIA Publications
7404 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638

742 42 Treasured Favorites from the African American Heritage Hymnal: JAMES ABBINGTON, conductor. 2-disc set featuring a collection of popular religious African American songs.

765 Catholic Instrumental Classics Vol.10: VARIOUS. 13 song collection of instrumental Catholic songs.

770 And Heaven and Nature Sing: TONY ALONSO. Artist’s first Christmas album featuring classic holiday songs as well as originals.

771 Sing With the World: Global Songs for Children: JOHN L. BELL and ALISON ADAM. 24 songs of world music designed for children.

Global Heritage
1715 - 233 Beecroft Rd, Toronto, ON M2N 6Z9, Canada

001 The Journey of Love: CHAKAVAK ENSEMBLE. Various artists release 13-track, world music album.

The Gnomes
24 Dixon St., Providence, RI 02907

Everybody Must Get Gnomed: THE GNOMES. 5-piece band blends Irish, Scandanavian, Russian, Eastern European, Caribbean and original music with backing on fiddle, button accordion, whistles, guitar, keyboards, percussion and more.

Ribe Landevej 190, Vejle DK-7100, Denmark

0404 Ø: SERRAS. 5-piece band on fiddle, sax, guitar, bass and drums offers modern twist on 18th century Danish dance music.

Ribe Landevej 190, Vejle DK-7100, Denmark

0908 Every Man’s Polka: Kings of Polka. Trio from Denmark and Finland perform 12 traditional polka tracks on guitar and fiddle.

1408 Hemmeligheden / The Secret: ANJA PRÆST MIKKELSEN. 16 tracks from Danish folk artist on clarinet, bass and sax, with guests.

1708 Der Stode Tre Skalke: MORILD. Folk-jazz interpretations of old Danish songs from trio on sax, keys, drums and bass, plus guests.

Gordon Peery
409 Old Stoddard Road, Nelson, NH 03457

Soir et Matin: KERRY ELKIN, DANNY NOVECK and PETER BARNES. Reissue of 10-track CD from contra-dance fiddler.

Turning of the Tide: FRESH FISH. 14 track-reissue from contra dance band.

Ellen Gozion
321 Whitney Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Awake, Awake: ELLEN GOZION. 13 tracks of traditional music from southern Appalachia, Scotland, England and Ireland recorded live in June 2007.

Great Big
P.O. Box 6091, Norfolk, VA 23508

09001 Change Your Mind: JULIE CLARK. Sophomore release from folk-pop singer/songwriter featuring 11 original songs.

Jim Green
42W399 Sylvan Lane, St. Charles, IL 60175

When the Moon was Full of Mystery: THE WANDERING ENDORPHIN. Midwestern singer-songwriter presents 9 originals with backing on acoustic guitar, Native American flute, bass, shakers, tambourine, piano and more.

Cockenzie Business Centre, Edinburgh Road, Cockenzie, East Lothian EH32 0XL, Scotland

1418 Far, Far From Ypres: Songs, Poems, and Music of World War I: VARIOUS. 2-disc collection of some of the most famous World War I songs sung and heard by Scottish soldiers.

333 Between Two Worlds: THE PAUL McKENNA BAND. Five-man Scottish/Irish trad. band releases 11-track album with contemporary influences.

221 Grant Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Chopteeth: CHOPTEETH. Debut album from Afrofunk big band.

H&L Management
5445 Patina Drive SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3J8, Canada

0001 Neither Here Nor There: BILL HILLS and RAY LEMELIN. Canadian bluesmen back themselves on the harmonica and guitar on 14-track album.

Hadley Music Group
1029 17th Ave s, Nashville, TN 37212

Walk This Mountain Down: DONNA ULISSE. Singer-songwriter presents 13 original songs backed by guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo and bass.

Alexis Harte
P.O. Box 9322, Berkeley, CA 94709

004 Big Red Sun: ALEXIS HARTE. California artist’s fourth album featuring 11 folk, Americana and Afro-pop tracks.

Rob Heath
#1730-10025-102 A Ave., Edmonton, AB T5J 2Z2, Canada

00002 One More Dad Above Ground: ROB HEATH. Veteran songwriter presents eleven original songs backed by bass, guitars, mandolin, pappoose, piano, cello, drums and resonator.

High Haven
P.O. Box 246, Sonoita, AZ 85637

115 Seeds of Song Through Time: CECILE and SARAH BARCHAS. 13 original songs from mother and daughter duo.

High Horse
1508 South Street, Nashville, TN 37212

2950 Let It Shine: COLLEEN MCFARLAND. Fourth album from Nashville singer-songwriter who brings together folk, country, and Americana.

5875 Girls Like Us: RHYTHM ANGLES. Debut album from songwriting duo of Celeste Krenz and Rebecca Folsom with backing.

PO Box 1571, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

111903 I Love The Moon: HELEN AVAKIAN. 12 tracks blending classical, flamenco and folk from upstate New York singer-songwriter and guitarist.

P.O. Box 85718, Seattle, WA 98145

013 Short Blue Stories: STEVE JAMES. 16 classic folk, blues and acoustic tracks from Texas-based guitarist.

Home Records
8 Rue Patenier, Liège B-4000, Belgium

4446045 Zumurrude: TRI A TOLIA. Trio present their debut CD with ten songs backed by Turkish vocals, Iraqi qanun and Belgian cello.

4446047 Sjansons Patinées: DIDIER FRANCOIS. 5-piece band performs 10 Flemish and French songs, including covers of Wannes Van De Velde and and Yves Dardenne.

4446048 Horror Vacui: AURÉLIE DORZÉE. Solo CD features 11 tracks from Belgian folk singer and violinist.

Home Sweet Highway
PO Box 783, Joelton, TN 37080

83008 Benefit of a Doubt: PAM GADD. Singer-songwriter and banjo player’s 14 tracks feature musical guests including Dolly Parton.

Hopeful Sky
PO Box 515, Springfield, IL 62705

202 Land of the Shadows: BEN BEDFORD. Second album from singer-songwriter explores American landscapes on 11 tracks.

4658 Worster Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

9375 Leap of Faith: SETH WALKER. 12-song album from North Carolina native blues musician, with guests.

Inside Sounds
PO Box 171282, Memphis, TN 38187

0534 The Instrumental Memphis Music Sampler Vol. 2: VARIOUS. Compilation CD featuring 13 instrumental, mostly jazz tracks from various artists.

Box 136, Centennial, WY 82055

002 American Holly: J SHOGREN. 17 Americana and roots tracks from Wyoming native.

Jericho Beach
1351 Grant St., Vancouver, BC V5L 2X7, Canada

0901 Klezmer Mongrels: GEOFF BERNER. Third album in the Whiskey Rabbi trilogy includes 10 klezmer punk songs with backing on accordion, fiddle and percussion.

604 1/2 Harvard St., Houston, TX 77007

003 American Dreams: HANK WOJI. Bluegrass, country, blues, and rock songs from New Jersey singer-songwriter.

Katt Mollar
17582 Still Harbor Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Farewell Adventure: MATT KOLLAR and THE ANGRY MOB. Nine-piece ensemble presents 12 originals with backing on guitars, accordion, drums, piano, trumpet, clarinet, glockenspiel and more.

Keys, The
680 B Vieux Chemin de Launac, St. Paul sur Save 31530, France

Years Are Made of Seconds: THE KEYS. Sixth album of acoustic folk ’n’ roll from French ensemble features 9 original songs and backing on guitars, violin, accordion, bass, piano, percussion, flutes and more.


Water to Wine: NAKIA. Alabama native releases 10 southern, soul tracks.

Kickin Grass Band, The
P.O. Box 37039, Raleigh, NC 27627

3 The Kickin Grass Band: THE KICKIN GRASS BAND. Third album from 5-piece bluegrass and Americana band.

65 Scott Hill Rd., Irvine, KY 40336

84793 Shout It from the Highest Hill: THE LAWSONS. 12 bluegrass and gospel tracks from 6-piece band.

The Klez Dispensers
42 Chestnut St., Princeton, NJ 08542

003 Say You’ll Understand: THE KLEZ DISPENSERS. 13 songs from eight piece band featuring swinging arrangements of mid-20th century klezmer and Yiddish classics as well as original compositions.

Duane Large
561 Martin St., Philadelphia, PA 19128

Stories in the Last Year: DUANE LARGE. Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist blends traditional folk ballads, acoustic pop, indie, rock, art songs, and Tin Pan Alley music on 8 tracks.

Laughing Horse
11Menocker Rd., Monsey, NY 10952

1013 A Quiet Thing: LISA SOKOLOV. 12 tracks from NY-based jazz artist.

P.O. Box 23015, Cambridge, ON N1S 4Z6, Canada

002 Fly Like Swallows: ALLISON LUPTON. 11 mostly Celtic and old-time tracks from flutist, with guests.

19 Whitman St., Congers, NY 10920

0908 What It Is: THE BURR JOHNSON BAND. 13 original songs mixing jazz, funk, rock and blues.

187 Athol Richmond Rd., Royalston, MA 01368

Life Goes On: LINQ. Third album from folk-rock singer-songwriter with guests on guitar, bass and electric cello.

106 Green Street #1, Brooklyn, NY 11222

EclecticIsM: M. NAHADR. 13 tracks ranging from jazz to pop from NY-based artist.

1004 Seeds of Djuke: ON KA’A DAVIS with FAMOUS ORIGINAL DJUKE MUSIC PLAYERS. Guitarist releases 17 tracks ranging from abstract jazz to Afrobeat.

The Low Tide Drifters
22 Park Ave., Eugene, OR 97404

Progress & Porchlights: THE LOW TIDE DRIFTERS. Six song EP from 5-piece Americana band with backing.

Eric Lugosch
2104 Washington, Evanston, IL 60202

Revision: ERIC LUGOSCH. All instrumental, solo guitar versions of Gary Davis’ gospel and novelty pieces from Chicago-based guitarist.

Lunar Canoe
171 Turner Mill Pond Rd., Palermo, ME 04354

0801 Footpath: CROWFOOT. 3-piece Contra Dance band presents English, American and Cape Breton traditional music as well as original tunes and songs.

Sarah MacDougall
255 East 17th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V-1A6, Canada

747 Across the Atlantic: SARAH MacDOUGALL. Roots singer-songwriter presents ten songs backed by guitar, bass, trumpet, drums and a variety of other instruments.

Mad River
58 Sidecut Rd., Redding, CT 06896

1010 Under the Counter: BODEGA. Mostly Celtic trads from young Scottish 5-piece band, performed in English and Gaelic.

1011 20: LA MUSGAÑA. Quartet presents16 tracks of mostly traditional Spanish folk music.

1013 Flower and Iron: MALINKY. 5-piece Scottish group delivers 12 Celtic trads.

P.O. Box 433, South Berwick, ME 03908

205 The Green Mandolin: DAVID SURETTE. Mandolinist/cittern player presents 12 trad tunes from Ireland, Scotland, French Canada and New England along with one trad inspired original.

Scott Malyszka
11910 Crosswind Ct, Reston, VA 20194-1517

I Don’t Have Friends Anymore: SCOTT MALYSZKA. Acoustic singer-songwriter presents eleven original folk songs backed by guitar and harmonica.

Mama Henn
566 Plass Rd., Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

...And Justice For Y’all: THE HOTDAMNS. Sophomore independently released EP from five piece country/Americana band.

March Hare
P.O. Box 2260, Bath BA1 5XA, U.K.

27 Worth It After All: SU HART. A collection of remakes from Baka Beyond singer featuring her favorite songs.

Mike Martell
RR#1, Montague, PEI C0A 1R0, Canada

She Waits For Me...: MIKE MARTELL. Prince Edward Islande native presents twelve original songs backed by guitar, accordion, whistle and mandolin.

Matty Grooves
6 Stonehouse Business Centre, Market Square, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5NA, U.K.

01 Fairport @ Forty: FAIRPORT CONVENTION. 133 minute reflection on Fairport Convention’s 40-year career, including the history of the band and interviews.

1947 Dave Pegg: 60th Birthday Bash: VARIOUS. Two disc CD featuring Dave Pegg’s 60th birthday live concert celebration at Birmingham Town Hall.

Rhett May

Calcutta Boy: RHETT MAY. Four track indie EP from Australian based singer/songwriter.

Chris McKhool
c/o LW Communications, 1-187 Degrassi St., Ste. 1, Toronto, ON M4M 2K8, Canada

2030 FiddleFire!: CHRIS McKHOOL. 16 family-friendly tracks featuring Gypsy-jazz, blues, world, rumba-flamenco, funk, classical, boogie woogie, East Coast fiddling and more from Canadian vocalist/educator.

Sarah McQuaid
Bejew, St. Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall TR19 6EE, U.K.

002 I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning: SARAH McQUAID. Irish-American singer and guitarist presents 11 tracks mixing covers, originals and trad songs and tunes inspired by her southern Appalachian roots.

Lisa Meissner
206 Coreys Road, Tupper Lake, NY 12986

Hearing Hearts: THE RUSTIC RIDERS. Debut album featuring 13 original songs with backing on guitars, banjo, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, bass, udu and percussion.

Megha Morganfield
115 Sajuenay Drive, Sartatoons, SK 57K 4M8, Canada

The Other Side of Now: MEGHA MORGANFIELD. Canadian singer-songwriter presents fourteen songs reflecting events that have happened in her life.

Elena Mushnikova
Glagoleva 30-1-1, Moscow 123585, Russia

Demo: Wzeva. 14 songs from Russian folk group.

Music for Missions
P.O. Box 706, Signal, TN 37377

Follow Your Call: MICHAEL ANTHONY MILTON. Eleven original spiritual songs from pastor/singer/songwriter.

Mya Rose Band
P.O. Box 821, Ocracoke, NC 27960

Sailin’ South: MYA ROSE. Acoustic singer-songwriter mixes folk-rock and country on 14 originals.

Kate Myers
369 South Columbia Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Instant Clarification: KATE MYERS. Singer-songwriter presents twelve original songs backed by guitar, piano, bass, cello and drums.

6015 Santa Monica Blvd. GRD FL #101, Hollywood, CA 90038

7049 Dissolver: IRAN. 10-track LP from experimental noise-popsters trio.

Native and Fine
1185 Solano Ave., PMB #157, Albany, CA 94706

Let’s do Something: BILL EVANS and MEGAN LYNCH. Fiddle and banjo duo release 11 bluegrass tracks with contemporary twist.

JT Nero
2428 N. Spaulding, Chicago, IL 60647

Demons/Demons: JT Nero. Chicago-based singer delivers 7 soul-inspired originals.

Nettwerk Productions
1650 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 4R3, Canada

30830 Lost Chances: GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS. 12 tracks from 5-piece Canadian folk rock band.

New World
16 Penn Plaza, #835, New York, NY 10001-1820

80672-2 Joe Hill: 16 Actions For Orchestra, Voices and Soloist: WAYNE HORVITZ. Sixteen songs about the life and times of labor activist and organizer using jazz, folk, classical and popular music styles.

NewSong Recordings
45 Main Street, Suite 1008, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Solidago: CHRIS VELAN. Montreal-based producer/singer-songwriter releases third full-length album.

Numero Group
2348 S. Marshall Blvd, Chicago, IL 60623

26 Downriver Revival: VARIOUS. First release in Local Custom series features 24 tracks from various artists recorded by Fenton Williams in his Ecorse, MI, basement, ranging from gospel, soul and funk to garage-punk and jazz.

PO Box 13439, Burton, WA 98013

In Time: DANNY O’KEEFE. 12 originals from Washington-born folk rock singer-songwriter.

Oak Union
4016 B Utah Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

3 Splendid Isolation: NIGHT WATCH. Debut album from three-piece dance band.

423 Broadway #513, Millbrae, CA 94030

10152 Please Betty: OCTOMUTT. San Francisco-based band teams up with LA-based producer for EP with alt. country feel.

Old Sombrero
2750 SE Bybee Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

4859 Steady Girl: PAULA SINCLAIR. Folk-inspired, alt-country album from Kentucky-born singer and guitarist, with guests.

OMNIsound Studios
1806 Division Street, Nashville, TN 37203

Blurry White Guy: DAVID LYKINS. Chicago-based singer-songwriter releases 10 country music tracks on his debut album.

18 Arlington Ct., Charleston, WV 25301

What We Do: KATE LONG and ROBIN KESSINGER. Thirteen live songs and one story featuring Appalachian singer/storyteller and guitarist duo.

Stubenrauchstr. 50, Berlin D-12161, Germany

69 Traktorist: DI NAYE KAPELYE. 8 Jewish songs from three-piece band.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

174 Rutland’s Reel: PATRICK McAVINUE. Twelve tracks of traditional bluegrass fiddle.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

175 Sidecar: MARK DELANEY. Washington, D.C. area banjo player presents 14 originals and covers with backing from Michael Cleveland on fiddle, Audie Blaylock on guitar, Jesse Brock on mandolin and Barry Reid on bass.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

176 Long Story: JORDAN TICE. 21-year-old singer-songwriter blends bluegrass with world influences on his sophomore effort; tracks feature six other accompanying musicians.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

177 Rockville Pike: NATE LEATH + FRIENDS. Fiddler and Berklee College of Music graduate presents an old-time inspired collaborative album.

P.O. Box 572, Rockville, MD 20848

178 The Chocolate Song: THE DOERFELS. Bluegrass single from 12-member family band.

Dexter Payne
PO Box 4104, Boulder, CO 80306

0813 When I’m Gone: JUDY RODERICK and THE FORBEARS with MAC REBENNACK. 12 tracks from Michigan-born blues singer and band.

Phoebe Claire
293 St Andrews Dr, Franklin, TN 37069

103103 Texasee: LUKE POWERS. Sophomore album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter features 16 original mostly acoustic Americana songs with backing.

P.O. Box 753, Columbus, NC 28722

1162 Lord Bless This House: NOTHING FANCY. Bluegrass band presents twelve gospel songs backed by mandolin, bass, fiddle, banjo and guitar.

1167 The Hangman: ERNIE THACKER. Contemporary bluegrass vocalist and guitarist presents twelve songs with backing on bass, banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

1168 Three Silver Dollars: DAVID PARMLEY and CONTINENTAL DIVIDE. Trio present twelve bluegrass songs backed by guitar, banjo and mandolin with guests contributing fiddle, bass and harmony vocal.

1169 Signs: SPECIAL CONSENSUS. Chicago-based bluegrass quartet delivers 11 originals and covers along with one trad.

Pursimiehenkatu 29 E, 00015, Helsinki, Finland

060 Hats, Hats, Harakkainen: MIMMIT. Finnish sister duo present ten songs based off Finnish folk tales.

1656 Beryl, San Diego, CA 92109

954 Plow: DAVID BANDROWSKI, CHRIS CLARKE and JOHN MAILANDER. Three-man band release 12 Americana inspired acoustic tracks.

Point Clear
P.O. Box 121393, Nashville, TN 37212

007 Never Saw Blue: TOM KIMMEL. 15-track collection from award winning singer-songwriter features a dozen tracks previously featured in film & television as well as three previously unreleased songs.

Potter Street
P.O. Box 15281, Portland, OR 97293

Concrete World and The Lover’s Dream: ANNE WEISS. Six original songs mixing blues, contemporary folk and gospel as well as six covers, including Jackson Browne’s These Days, from Portland-based singer-songwriter.

P.O. Box 2213, Falls Church, VA 22042

126 American Landscape: THE NIGHTHAWKS. Veteran blues band presents 12 tracks with backing on guitar, bass, harmonica and drums; includes covers of songs by Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

Project X
P.O. Box 5387, Oswego, NY 13126

Unless: GINA HOLSOPPLE. 10 lyrical, acoustic style tracks from Kansas native.

517 Etruria Road, Basford, Stoke on Trent, Staffs ST4 6HT, England

010 And The Word Was...: THE CLAY FACES. Debut album from folk rock 4-piece band.

411 Lafayette St., 4th Fl., New York, NY 10003

289 ¡Salsa!: VARIOUS. 10-track release from various salsa bands from throughout the Latin world.

Quality Folk
P.O. Box 12208, Portland, OR 97212

007 Brick & Mortar: KATE POWER and STEVE EINHORN. Northwest acoustic singer-songwriter duo present 12 mostly original songs, including a new version of the tribute song, Travis John.

P.O. Box 993, Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Swidden: BLACKBIRD RAUM. Acoustic folk-punk band combines American string band and jug band music with anarcho-punk and outsider choral music.

6565 Foothills Ln., Concord, NC 28025

2727 Songs in the Night: SAMANTHA CRAIN and the MIDNIGHT SHIVERS. 4-piece band releases 11 folk and indie rock tracks.

2728 The Show is on the Road: PALEFACE. Anti-folk artist on the acoustic guitar and harmonica, with guests, releases 11-track album.

Ranch Recording
Kihei, HI 96753

11259 Upcountry Skies: CYRUS CLARKE. 12 Americana, acoustic style songs including originals.

Colleen Raney
405 Lynn St., Seattle, WA 98109

001 Linnet: COLLEEN RANEY. Seattle-based Irish vocalist presents 10 trads and one original with backing on her debut album.

Red Beet
P.O. Box 68417, Nashville, TN 37206

009 You Don’t Have to Like Them Both: ERIC BRACE and PETER COOPER. 12 Americana tracks from Nashville-based duo, with guests.

Red Hen
2554 Lincoln Blv., #255, Venice, CA 90291

6 Learning to Fall: LOWEN and NAVARRO with PHIL PARLAPIANO. Trio present eleven original songs backed by guitars, percussion, piano, organ, accordion and mandolin.

Red House
P.O. Box 4044, 501 W. Lynnhurst Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

211 Sweetheart Like You: GUY DAVIS. Award-winning blues singer-songwriter blends soul and acoustic blues on 14 originals and covers.

216 Instead the Forest Rose to Sing: DANNY SCHMIDT. 10-track roots album from Texas singer-songwriter.

217 River of Time: JORMA KAUKONEN. Legendary acoustic guitarist explores his blues, country and rock roots on a baker’s dozen collection of classic covers, trads and originals.

Red Parlor
P.O. Box 57, Cold Spring, NY 10516

0914 Everything You Need: MANDA MOSHER. Debut album from Americana artist features nine originals and one cover.

Red Shoe
P. O. Box 160507, Nashville, TN 37216

209 Oog: CASEY DRIESSEN. Grammy nominated fiddler releases second album featuring 14 mostly bluegrass tracks, with guests.

P.O. Box 276, Groveland, CA 95321-0276

49 Apple and Google and Gold: DON BURNHAM. Three song EP from country singer of Lost Weekend.

Robert Resnik
PO Box 792, Burlington, VT 05402

Twist of the Wrist: ELIZABETH THOMPSON, BARBARA WAGER and ROBERT RESNIK. Vermont-based trio releases 9 European vocal and dance tracks.

Songs of Lake Champlain : ROBERT RESNIK and MARTY MORRISSEY. Vermont-based duo release 12 traditional Celtic tracks.

Revolting Records
P.O. Box 257608, Chicago, IL 60625

Wisconsin 2.13.63 Vol. 2: BUCKY HALKER. Chicago-based singer-songwriter delivers 13 original songs in various American roots styles including honky tonk, folk-rock, R&B and countrypolitan.

3400 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505-4614

77633 Peter, Paul and Mary: The Solo Recordings (1971-72): PETER, PAUL and MARY. Recordings of the primer solo albums, in varying styles, released by each band member after they split in 1970.

Righteous Holler
195 Mile End Road, Colchester C04 5 DB, England

1108 Babbler & Crow: REV SIMPKINS and THE PHANTOM NOTES. Debut album of roots, folk, and psychedelic gospel from Suffolk artist.

Ripani, Ben
1306 W Byron St.#1, Chicago, IL 60613

Hope Street: BEN RIPANI. Debut album from Americana artist featuring 11 original songs.

P.O. Box 130921, Nashville, TN 37215

008 Long Story Short: BARRY and HOLLY TASHIAN. 11 original songs from husband and wife duo including bluegrass, wing, country, and blues songs.

Roues Et Archets
645 Rang de la Beauce, Calixa-Lavallee, QC J0L 1A0, Canada

013 Malbrough N’est Pas Mort: REVEILLONS!. Canadian quartet presents 13 songs backed by guitar, violin, banjo and other instruments.

Round River
301 Jacob St., Seekonk, MA 02771

204 First Bird Call: BILL HARLEY. Veteran singer-songwriter presents twelve original songs backed by guitars, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, bass, drums and other instruments.

One Rounder Way, Burlington, MA 01803

0574 Echoes of the Mountain: DRY BRANCH FIRE SQUAD. Quartet combines traditional bluegrass and old time tunes on 14-track release that marks their first studio album in 8 years; includes special guest Michael Cleveland.-

0618 The Ultimate Collection: Live at the Ryman: EARL SCRUGGS WITH FAMILY and FRIENDS. Recording of American bluegrass banjo icon at his first-ever Ryman concert featuring many of his signature songs.

Rural Records
22969 Billy Brown Rd, Langley, BC V1M 4G3, Canada

The British Columbians: THE BRITISH COLUMBIANS. Self-titled debut album of nine original songs backed by guitars, banjo, drums, keys and bass.

Rural Rhythm
P.O. Box 660040, Arcadia, CA 91066-0040

1042 Audie Blaylock and Redline: AUDIE BLAYLOCK and REDLINE. 12 tracks of bluegrass from contemporary quintet with backing on guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass.

1044 Buckaroo Blue Grass: MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY. County bluegrass singer releases 11-track CD featuring two originals, with guests.

George Sapounidis
18 Bertona St., Ottawa, ON K2G 0W1, Canada

Expect The World: CHAIRMAN GEORGE and THE MINISTERS. Eight Olympic songs performed in a pop-rock format in Mandarin Chinese, English and Greek, backed by guitars, bouzouki, bass and drums.

P.O. Box 70, Decatur, AL 35602

20093 Debris: MICHELLE MALONE. 11 acoustic roots and electric blues tracks from Atlanta native and singer-songwriter.

John Schindler
76 North St., Jaffrey, NH 03452

Two-Step Man: JOHN SCHINDLER. New England singer-songwriter delivers 11 original songs with backing on guitars, violin, viola, mandolin and keyboards.

Thom Schuyler

001 Prayer of a Desperate Man: THOM SCHUYLER. 12 original country songs from Nashville songwriter.

Carla Seidl
163 Nassau Rd, Huntington, NY 11743

Under My Skin: CARLA SEIDL. World traveling artist presents 14 tracks mixing acoustic, folk, jazz and lyrical music on her debut album.

503 Corte Madera Ave, Corte Madera, CA 94925

Sleep In Color: JACK CONTE. Five track EP from indie-alt-rock singer/songwriter.

Vic Shepherd
623 Valhette Street, New Orleans, LA 70114

Crescent City Serenade: VIC SHEPHERD. 18 traditional and contemporary songs featuring acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Shout Lulu
850 S Washington Ave, Fayettville, AR 72701

Ridin’ A Bugy: SHOUT LULU. Midwestern old-time trio presents 18 traditional songs.

Shout! Factory
2042-A Armacost Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

10973 The Best of the Hightone Years: BUDDY MILLER. 16 tracks from 5 different Buddy Miller albums.

10998 Veteran’s Day: The Tom Russell Anthology: TOM RUSSELL. 2-disc set including two new tracks as well as a 24 page booklet featuring photos, Russell’s art, and an essay by Mike Regenstreif.

11004 The Best of the Hightone Years: DAVE ALVIN. 18 tracks from several of Alvin’s Hightone albums, a letter from Hightone co-founder Bruce Bromberg, and notes from the artist as well as three previously unreleased songs.

11289 50 Years: John Lee Hooker Anthology: JOHN LEE HOOKER. 2-CD collection features 32 tracks spanning blues legend’s entire career; with special guests Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana and more.

Laura Siersema
27 Abbot St., Greenfield, MA 01301

Talon of the Black Water: LAURA SIERSEMA. Third album from Massachusetts singer-songwriter featuring eleven songs, including originals.

Signature Sounds
P.O. Box 106, Whately, MA 01093

2018 Shoot The Moon Right Between the Eyes: Jeffrey Foucault Sings the Songs of John Prine: JEFFREY FOUCAULT. Singer-songwriter interprets 13 John Prine originals, with guests on pedal steel, electric and lap steel guitars, acoustic lap slide and drums.

Six Degrees
540 Hampshire St, San Francisco, CA 94110

1155 Pot of Gold: ALICE RUSSELL. Sophomore album from UK soul singer.

1156 Lal Meri: LAL MERI. Trio blends world music influences from India, the Middle East, the Caribbean and America on 11-track debut album.

Slab Town
1406 Lemke Road RR 3, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W4, Canada

08-01 Steal the Blue: APRIL VERCH. 12 songs from Canadian fiddle player/singer including originals.

600 Maryland Ave. SW, Ste. 2001, Washington, DC 20024

40553 Irish Pirate Ballads and Other Songs of the Sea: DAN MILNER. Veteran vocalist performs 13 tracks of traditional maritime music, with backing from special guests Mick Moloney, Tim Collins, Brian Conway and more.

405 Kirkman Ave, Elmont, NY 11003

002 I’m Gonna Live the Life I Sing About: DANNY KALB. Trio led by veteran blues singer presents 14 songs mixing folk, blues and jazz styles backed by guitars, bass and drums.

550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-3211

39838 Boots, Buckles, and Spurs: VARIOUS. 3 disc set featuring 50 songs about cowboys and the rodeo in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Finals Rodeo.

John Specker
2116 Middleton Rd., Andover, VT 05143

Live 2008: THE SPECKERS. Eight songs featuring the fiddle recorded live at FloydFest 2008 in Virginia from three-piece family band.

Volume II: Jack O’Diamonds: THE SPECKERS. Traditional songs with some original lyrics featuring the fiddle from three-piece band.

2007: JOHN SPECKER. Solo Americana album from fiddle player and singer.

Sprout Recordings
P.O. Box 188, Morrisville, PA 19067

09 American Heroes #3: JONATHAN SPROUT. Award-winning singer-songwriter presents third album in series for children celebrating America’s greatest citizens.

Square Shaped Records
P.O. Box 620721, Littleton, CO 80162-0721

104 Callin’ You Home: COYOTE POETS OF THE UNIVERSE. 12 jazz tracks from 8-piece Denver, Colorado-based band.

2649 N. Albany Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

45002 Most Folk Heroes Started Out as Criminals: TANGLEWEED. Chicago-based band presents 14 acoustic songs backed by fiddle, mandolin, bass, banjo and guitar.

P.O. Box 800, Pine Plains, NY 12567

2001 Into the Stars: PRISCILLA HERDMAN. Contemporary folksinger releases 13 covers, with musical guests.

P.O. Box 783, Westwood, MA 02090

Til the Last Leaf Falls: CHRIS TRAPPER. Boston-based singer-songwriter includes 13 original alt-pop songs on his fifth solo album.

Stony Plain
Box 861, Edmonton, AB T5J 2L8, Canada

1339 Yellohead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories: IAN TYSON. 10 tracks of country, folk and western music from veteran Canadian singer-songwriter.

Street Man
437 E. Kaliste Saloom Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508

260152702 Underground Blues: MARTY CHRISTIAN. Sophomore album from Louisiana blues artist, including original songs.

Stripmall Ballads
1606 K St NE #303, Washington, DC 20002

Since Jimmy Died: STRIPMALL BALLADS. 10 tracks from old-time string-band.

Brad Stubbs
6570 De Longpre Ave., Los Angelos, CA 90028

Headin’ South: BRAD STUBBS. Fifteen original songs from singer-songwriter mixing country, blues, New Orleans jazz, Celtic and gospel.

Steve Suffet
41-05 47th St., Sunnyside, NY 11104

3 Low Rent District: STEVE SUFFET. New York state folk singer-songwriter presents eighteen original and traditional songs.

Sugar Hill
120 31st Ave North, Nashville, TN 37203

4046 The Stars Are Out: SARAH BORGES and THE BROKEN SINGLES. Five rock and country originals and five covers from singer-songwriter, with backing on guitar, bass and drums.

348 W. 38th St., Ste. 12B, New York, NY 10018

1198 THe Peace of Wild Things: JAY CLAYTON. Nine songs featuring solo voice backed by electronics from jazz vocalist, educator, innovator and composer.

1211 Naranjas Sobre la Nieve: ISRAEL. 12 flamenco tracks from teenage native of Toledo, Spain.

P.O. Drawer 10, Ville Platte, LA 70586-0010

6212 Mes Racines Cadien sont Creux (My Cajun Roots are Deep): RAY LANDRY and FRIENDS . Several new French Cajun tracks plus new verses to old songs.

Tam Can Productions
1103 Sand Pines Crescent, Comox, BC V9M 3V3, Canada

203 Shearwater: SHEARWATER BLUEGRASS. 10 original bluegrass,newgrass, folk country and Celtic songs and two cover tunes from British Colombia band.

23307 Commerce Park Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122

83692 Never Going Back: SHEMEKIA COPELAND. Blues vocalist presents twelve songs backed by guitars, bass, drums, organ, piano and tambourine.

Ten Cats Laughing
1818 Los Lentes Rd. NE, Los Lunas, NM 87031

For Two It Us: TEN CATS LAUGHING. 13 songs, including 10 original tracks, one cover and one traditional track, featuring a fusion of folk, southern roots, and blues.

Thirty Tigers
1604 8th Avenue South, 2nd Floor, Nashville, TN 37203

Undone: A MusicFest to Robert Earl Keen: VARIOUS. Live recording of Texas/Americana artists and musicians playing 27 Robert Keen originals.

Thunder Vision
P.O. Box 3700, Sedona, AZ 86340-3700

Ancient Sun: THUNDERBEAT. Middle Eastern album from Native American Indian composer.

True North
1890 Fairmount Ave. South, Salem, OR 97302

515 Swinging on the Chains of Love: BLACKIE and THE RODEO KINGS. Canadian roots band presents 14 original songs.

519 Dancing Alone: Songs of William Hawkins: VARIOUS. 2-disc set of 24 original songs from Ottawa poet performed by various artists.

True North Records
113 Lakeshore Blvd West, Mississauga, ON L5H 1E9, Canada

521 The Columbia Years: COLIN LINDEN. 4-CD box set collection includes four albums from early stages of blues guitarist and singer-songwriter’s career.

413 Betz Ave, New Orleans, LA 70121

Vibrating Strings: JIMMY ROBINSON. Solo debut from Woodenhead and Twangorama guitar player featuring 17 songs, including covers.

Twenty Twenty
6 Courthouse Way, Jonesboro, GA 30236

’Til Spring: CLARENCE BUCARO. Singer-songwriter presents 10 original songs based on his travels in the world.

Twitter Twatter
P.O. Box 61075, Palo Alto, CA 94306

105 Runaway Train: NANCY CASSIDY. 12 original songs featuring a mix of blues, folk, country, gospel and swing.

1119 1st Ave. #313, Seattle, WA 98101

0014 Tijuana Bible: JIM SUHLER and MONKEY BEAT. Fifth album of Texas blues rock from Dallas-based band includes 13 originals and three covers.

0015 Free Your Mind: TOO SLIM and THE TAILDRAGGERS. 11-track CD from Seattle-based group, featuring mostly Americana roots music.

1755 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

1797284 My One and Only Thrill: MELODY GARDOT. Singer releases second album featuring a mix of jazz, pop and Brazilian rhythms.


The Icarus Suite: DORAN DANOFF. Original blend of rhythm and blues, rock and folk songs from California native singer-songwriter and pianist.

Brian Vardigans
33 Klondyke St., Kentville, NS B4N 1J1, Canada

Springhill: BRIAN VARDIGANS. Canadian singer-songwriter delivers 10 tracks, including Springhill which details the Nova Scotia town’s 1950s mining disasters.

Verve Forecast
1755 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

11737 Little Dreamer: BETH ROWLEY. Eleven original and traditional songs backed by guitars, bass, keyboard and other instruments.

The Victor Mourning
5900 A Cherry Loop, Austin, TX 78745

1667 Fire Fire Demos: THE VICTOR MOURNING. Austin, Texas singer-songwriter and folk artist duo, with fiddler, perform four acoustic tracks with dark, southern sound.

Brian Vogan
1127 Olympic Way West, #201, Seattle, WA 98119

Little Songs: BRIAN VOGAN. 11 original children songs backed by bass, guitars, piano, drums and trumpet.

Western Jubilee
P.O. Box 9187, Colorado Springs, CO 80932

040125 Rising Fawn Gathering: NORMAN and NANCY BLAKE, BOYS OF THE LOUGH. American acoustic husband and wife duo come together with veteran Celtic band to perform 12 mostly traditional songs and tunes; special guests include James & Rachel Bryan.

321125 Heaven on Horseback: DON EDWARDS. 14-track collection of borrowed and traditional songs from Cowboy singer includes backing on guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass and harmonica.

Weston Boys
3831 West End Avenue #32, Nashville, TN 37205

2 Swamp Rat: SWAMP RAT. Debut album from three-piece band that mixes traditional country, blues, rock, and jazz.

24 Amanda St., Orangeville, ON L9W 2K2, Canada

2008 The Water In Between: LAURA BIRD. Canadian singer-songwriter presents 14 originals backed by guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, flute and other instruments.

Judy and Bruce Wing
#107 1050 Braidwood Rd., Courtenay, BC V9N 3R9, Canada

08 This Heart This Season: JUDY and BRUCE WING. Sophomore album from Canadian acoustic singer-songwriter duo includes 9 originals, one trad and a cover of John Prine’s Angel from Montgomery.

Postfach 1945, Osnabrück D-49009, Germany

9065 Cafe Cinema: ULI KRINGLER. Songs from Hamburg-based guitarist and film music composer featuring solo works and duos for the double bass and vibraphone.

P.O. Box 815, York, ME 03909-0815

104 Of Wind and Water: HARVEY REID. Singer-songwriter presents 17 original and traditional songs, backed by guitar, autoharp mandolin, banjo and other guest instrumentalists.

1 Saint James St., Okehampton, Devon EX20 1DW, U.K.

013 Down ’pon Ole Dartymoor: BILL MURRAY and FRIENDS. 35-track double CD featuring mostly trads. from Devon, UK singer, with guests.

Shane Wyatt
574 Prairie Center Drive #135-264, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

71097 The Last Cowboy: SHANE WYATT. Debut album from Minneapolis singer-songwriter and fiddle player who mixes traditional country with a more contemporary sound.

10004 Bluegrass Road, Knoxville, TN 37922

Y’uns: Y’UNS. 5-piece Tennessee band blends jugband music with swing, country and blues.

Yard Dawg
34934 US Highway 36, Warsaw, OH 43844

Bam!: RICKY GENE HALL and THE GOODS. 12 songs of blues,country, and funk from guitarist/singer/songwriter with bass and drum backing.

Yellow Room
408 Westwood Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
www.mustardsretreat.com> or

009 The Yellow Room Gang Happy New Day, Vol. 2: THE YELLOW ROOM GANG. 17 original and traditional songs on second album from Mich. performer/songwriter support group of Kitty Donohoe, Matt Watroba, David Barrett, Jim Bizer, Annie Capps, Michael Hough, Jan Krist and David Tamulevich.

304 N. Central Ave., Duluth, MN 558-7

Snow in August: YELTZI. Debut album from from duo featuring 13 original bluegrass songs.

The Younger Sister Band
784 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11216

The Lady Wins Again: THE YOUNGER SISTER BAND. Sophomore album from 6-piece folk band, including originals.

Multi-Format Sets

Cockenzie Business Centre, Edinburgh Road, Cockenzie, East Lothian EH32 0XL, Scotland

2021 The Full Set (Of Basic Scottish Ceilidh Dances): THE OCCASIONALS. CD/DVD from Scottish 4-piece dance band features recordings and demonstrations of 12 popular ceilidh dances; includes written instructions, 4 bonus audio tracks and a 60 min. documentary.

P.O. Box 25, Horden, Peterlee, Co. Durham SR8 3YZ, U.K.

110 Northern Echoes: Live on the Tyne: JEZ LOWE and THE BAD PENNIES. CD and DVD of UK singer-songwriter’s live performances including a mix of 17 band and solo tracks plus bonus 37 minute DVD with 10 songs filmed at the Song for Geordie tour in November 2007.

Tree Leaf
4610 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071

Live at Tree Sound Studios: LAURA REED and DEEP POCKET. CD/DVD of live concert performances from 5-piece funk and soul band.


Josh Allen
4412 S. 1st, Austin, TX 78745

Orpheus: JOSH ALLEN. Music video for Orpehus from singer-songwriter.

Broke and Hungry
5327 Nottingham Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109

1 M for Mississippi: A Road Trip Through the Birthplace of the Blues: JEFF KONKEL and ROGER STOLLE, Directors. 94 minute DVD follows the lives of Mississippi blues performers including concert performances.

MVD Visual
422 Business Center, H-840 N Circle Dr, Oaks, PA 19456

Welcome Back: JOHN SEBASTIAN. 14 songs performed live by multi-instrumentalist at Iowa State University in 1987, accompanied in part by David Bromberg.

2700 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 1100, Santa Monica, CA 90404-4066

79889 Anaheim: ERIC JOHNSON. Live performance from The Grove in Anaheim as well as three bonus tracks from a 2004 acoustic guitar and piano performance at the Galaxie Theater in Santa Ana; also includes an interview with Eric Johnson.

P.O. Box 802, Sparta, NJ 07871

13115 The Guitar Artistry of David Bromberg: Demon in Disguise: DAVID BROMBERG. David Bromberg discusses his influences and performs songs including American blues, folk, country, bluegrass, ragtime, jazz and contemporary.

13166 John Jackson: The Viedeo Collection 1970-1999: RENATO TONELLI. 88 minute documentary on blues guitarist.