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Here is a listing of all the reviews included in Sing Out! v.53#4, listed alphabetically by Record Label or Publisher. Under each heading, we list the Catalog Number, Artist and Title for each review, followed by the page number(s) on which the review appeared. (For the record companies, artists or publicists, the page numbers are linked to PDF files for the page. That material is password protected, if you represent the artist or label and would like to have access to that information, please send an email to .)

Each review is identified by the reviewer’s initials. For those reviewers who have the same initials, we include several extra letters to further differentiate these names. The following list is a key to assist you if you would like to know a reviewer's full name: Derek Beres, Michael Cala, Andy Cohen, Tom Druckenmiller, Kari Estrin, Fran & Skip Landt, Stephanie P. Ledgin, Chris Nickson, Tom Pryor, Mike Regenstreif, Ken Roseman, Scott Sheldon, Chris Stuart, Bruce Sylvester, Michael Tearson, Gary von Tersch, Eric Thom, Rich Warren and Rob Weir.

Here’s the list:

5-String Productions

09002 My Native Home by MATT BROWN (on p. 120)

06001 Away Down the Road by CRAIG JOHNSON (on p. 126 and p. 127)


14 Ruuti by RUUTI (on p. 115)


1259 His Blues by LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS (on p. 93 and p. 94)


0908 A Friend of a Friend by DAVE RAWLINGS MACHINE (on p. 121 and p. 122)

AcuTab Publications Inc.

1 Secrets Songs & Tunes by SIERRA HULL (on p. 152)


1056 Prelude by ALEX HARGREAVES (on p. 121)


4933 Feed My Soul by THE HOLMES BROTHERS (on p. 133)

American / Lost Highway

13954 American VI: Ain’t No Grave by JOHNNY CASH (on p. 150)


87059 The Way of the World by MOSE ALLISON (on p. 137)

87053 Glitter and Doom Live by TOM WAITS (on p. 149)


1120 Soul of the January Hills by TIM ERIKSEN (on p. 114)


507 Corridos of the Chicano Movement by RUMEL FUENTES (on p. 104)

537 The Best of by MANCE LIPSCOMB (on p. 134)


0082 Pizza Box by DANNY BARNES (on p. 149)

Azalea City

Adje! Adje! by ELIKEH (on p. 100)


0024 Ziguala by LAS RUBIAS DEL NORTE (on p. 103)

0025 Escape Room by VERY BE CAREFUL (on p. 104)

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

978-1-60509-444-1 CREATIVE COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: by Si Kahn (on p. 92 and p. 93)

Black Hen

0059 The Sojourners by THE SOJOURNERS (on p. 134)

0060 ¡Don’t Hurry For Heaven! by DEVON SPROULE (on p. 144)

0061 Forgive or Forget by JENNY WHITELEY (on p. 149)

0062 My Hands Are on Fire and Other Love Songs by OLD MAN LUEDECKE (on p. 150 and p. 151)

Black Socks

27 Elkins by NOTORIOUS (on p. 151 and p. 152)

Black Wolf

0010 The Day After Everything Changed by ELLIS PAUL (on p. 142)

Blind Pig

5136 Raising the Bar by MAGIC SLIM and THE TEARDROPS (on p. 134)

Blue Flute

101 After the War by ROD MacDONALD (on p. 149)

Blue Heron Productions

Hu$hmoney by HU$HMONEY (on p. 146)

Blue Pig

1111 Nora Jane Struthers by NORA JANE STRUTHERS (on p. 139)

Polly Bolton

The Magic of Song by POLLY BOLTON (on p. 113 and p. 114)


200 My Stars Your Eyes by JAMES GORDON (on p. 144)

Boxwood Media

Let Me in This Ae Night by CHRIS NORMAN and DAVID GREENBERG DUO (on p. 116)

John Byrne

112009 After the Wake by THE JOHN BYRNE BAND (on p. 109)


978-0-974412-48-1 WORK AND SING: by Ronald D. Cohen (on p. 93)

Chicago Review Press

978-1-55652-962-7 LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS: by Alan Govenar (on p. 93 and p. 94)

978-1-55652-975-7 HAND ME MY TRAVELIN’ SHOES: by Michael Gray (on p. 95)


4535 25th Anniversary Celebration by ALTAN with the R.T.E. CONCERT ORCHESTRA (on p. 106)

4529 Exiles Return by KARAN CASEY and JOHN DOYLE (on p. 107)

4528 Natural Angle by GRÁDA (on p. 107)

4530 The Turning Tide by SOLAS (on p. 107 and p. 108)

4534 Tune In by NUALA KENNEDY (on p. 108)

4531 Chasing Sparks by JEREMY KITTEL (on p. 117)

4532 Grown Up (A Revisionist History) by THE CHAPMANS (on p. 124)

4539 Memories of John by THE JOHN HARTFORD STRINGBAND (on p. 126)

4537 Girls Need Attention by RICHARD JULIAN (on p. 140)

Compass Rose

12 The Man by STEVE GILETTE (on p. 137 and p. 138)

Cowboy Angel

009 Fists of Foam and Fury by LITTLE COUNTRY GIANTS (on p. 150)

Crusty Scone

100 Ballads and Barnburners by THE MANHATTAN VALLEY RAMBLERS (on p. 128)


16 Zebu Nation by RAZIA SAID (on p. 101 and p. 102)


10 Songs for the New Depression by LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III (on p. 139)

Da Capo

978-0-306-81852-3 ALWAYS BEEN THERE: by Michael Streissguth (on p. 95)


806 Burnin’ Love by DAVE WELD and THE IMPERIAL FLAMES (on p. 135)


6146642 Sidiba by BAKO DAGNON (on p. 98 and p. 100)


5687 Memphis Highway Stomp by CHARLIE BURSE and HIS MEMPHIS MUDCATS (on p. 130 and p. 133)

The Dust Busters

The Dust Busters by THE DUST BUSTERS (on p. 129 and p. 130)

E1 Music

2304 The Massenburg Sessions by JOHN COWAN (on p. 119)

2072 Doug Wamble by DOUG WAMBLE (on p. 123)


002 Empire and Love by THE IMAGINED VILLAGE (on p. 111 and p. 112)

Elizabeth Records

010 Glass of Desire by CAROLANN SOLEBELLO (on p. 150)


1011 Valise by ELISE WITT (on p. 145)


1919 Find Our Way by SHARI ULRICH (on p. 149)

Evil Diane Music

Float Downstream by EVIE LADIN (on p. 150)


3082 Panic Grass and Fever Few by IAN KING (on p. 111)

Free Dirt

0060 Riverboat Soul by POKEY LaFARGE and THE SOUTH CITY THREE (on p. 150)

Fret Soup

Scott Nygaard and Crow Molly by SCOTT NYGAARD and CROW MOLLY (on p. 115)


002 Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar by DAVE FLYNN (on p. 108)

Marianne Girard

02 Pirate Days by MARIANNE GIRARD (on p. 150)


0210 Beyond the Borders by TRADISH (on p. 108 and p. 109)

0510 Svip Svap Svovlstikke: Folk Music from Denmark by SONNICH LYDOM and MORTEN ALFRED HØIRUP (on p. 114)

0509 Over Sundet by OVER SUNDET (on p. 116)

0110 Liv by LANG LINKEN (on p. 148)

0710 20 by PHØNIX (on p. 152)


344 Sark o’ Snaw by MICK WEST (on p. 110)

328 Some Kind of Certainty by EWAN ROBERTSON (on p. 152)

Hands On Music

29 Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed by SHOW OF HANDS (on p. 113)

Hear Music

31321 San Patricio by THE CHIEFTAINS feat. RY COODER (on p. 105)


7247 Seven Winds by UNNI LØVLID, BECAYE AW and ROLFERIK NYSTRØM (on p. 152)

C.B. Heinemann

Conspiring with Persons of Questionable Character by C.B. HEINEMANN (on p. 152)

Hillbilly Pilgrim

Little Vigils by MARK ERELLI (on p. 140 and p. 141)


005 No. 5: A Live Album by KIRSTY McGEE and THE HOBOPOP COLLECTIVE (on p. 152)

Horizon Records

12762 Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly by DOYLE LAWSON and QUICKSILVER (on p. 126)

The Huppah Project

0001 Under the Canopy by THE HUPPAH PROJECT (on p. 152)


Istiqbal Gathering by JOHN JORGENSON and ORCHESTRA NASHVILLE (on p. 116)

One Stolen Night by JOHN JORGENSON QUINTET (on p. 116)


2210 Live at the Rhein by DICK KIMMEL and ADAM GRANGER (on p. 124 and p. 125)

Jericho Beach

1001 Imme by ALPHA YAYA DIALLO (on p. 100 and p. 101)

Jewell Ridge

005 Longing for Heaven by JENI and BILLY (on p. 121)


Bessarabian Breakdown by JIM GUTTMANN (on p. 152)


289 The Complete Songs of Robert Burns by VARIOUS (on p. 105 and p. 106)

Luna Nova

100 Luna by LUNA NOVA (on p. 114 and p. 115)


001 Là Nua by LÚNASA (on p. 106)


0065 The Essential Cyril Neville 1994-2007 by CYRIL NEVILLE (on p. 151)


Bernardo’s Serenade by DOUG ADAMZ (on p. 150)

Magic Foot

002 Stomping Ground by MAGIC FOOT (on p. 110)

Magna Carta

9104 Another Dawn by TEMPEST (on p. 111)

Maison de Soul

1089 Jewel of the Bayou! by LEROY THOMAS (on p. 136)

Majorstuen Fiddlers Co.

03 Skir by MAJORSTUEN (on p. 116)


96576 The List by ROSANNE CASH (on p. 95)

Matt the Scat

Jump Back: Big T’s in the House by TERRY BIG T WILLIAMS (on p. 135)


0224 This Is the Jubilee by NOAH EARLE (on p. 122)


05 Gentleman from Virginia by ALBEMARLE RAMBLERS (on p. 128)


1 Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia by VARIOUS (on p. 101)

Minstrel Records

216 Old Paint by RALPH BODINGTON (on p. 150)


10 Lonesomeville by LES SAMPOU (on p. 141)


A Cow Says Moock by ALASTAIR MOOCK (on p. 144)

Mr. Biscuit

04 Beginnings by BONNIE KOLOC (on p. 142)

Music & Words

3033 Al Palna by GHALIA BENALI and BERT CORNELIS (on p. 102)

Music Maker

111 270 Haystack Road by BENTON FLIPPEN and THE SMOKEY VALLEY BOYS (on p. 127)

109 Banjo by ETTA BAKER (on p. 130)

Ninth Street Opus

0001 Love and Circumstance by CARRIE RODRIGUEZ (on p. 150)

No Masters

33 ABCDEFG by CHUMBAWAMBA (on p. 112 and p. 113)


522304 Leave Your Sleep by NATALIE MERCHANT (on p. 106)

516995 Genuine Negro Jig by CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS (on p. 130)



The Once

The Once by THE ONCE (on p. 146)


010 Liber by OSWIN CHIN BEHILIA (on p. 103 and p. 104)

Out of the Past

005 Since I Saw You Last by STEVE HOWELL (on p. 151)

Oxford Road

Three Days in May by COLCANNON (on p. 109 and p. 110)


107 The Best of by KATHRYN TICKELL (on p. 108)

106 Cogs, Wheels and Lovers by STEELEYE SPAN (on p. 111)

Jocelyn Pettit

0901 Jocelyn Pettit by JOCELYN PETTIT (on p. 152)


1172 20th Anniversary by LARRY STEPHENSON (on p. 125 and p. 126)

Porto Franco

015 On a Day Like This ... by MEKLIT HADERO (on p. 101)

Praeger / ABC-CLIO

978-0-275-99387-0 DISCOVERING FOLK MUSIC by Stephanie P. Ledgin (on p. 93)


023 Durango (April 17 - April 30) by THE COAL PORTERS (on p. 126)

Proper American

011 Word to the Wise by BILL KIRCHEN (on p. 124)


003 Ixo-Sho by XARNEGE (on p. 103)

Rainbow Morning

We’re Not Kidding: A Tribute To Barry Louis Polisar by VARIOUS (on p. 152)

Razor & Tie

83099 The Foundling by MARY GAUTHIER (on p. 139 and p. 140)

Real World

172 Lightbox by SPIRO (on p. 114)

Red Hen Records

001 Crossing by RED HEN (on p. 128)

Red Hot Chachkas

Beats Without Borders by RED HOT CHACHKAS (on p. 152)

Red House

230 The Garden by RUTH MOODY (on p. 140)

224 The Living Side by MEG HUTCHINSON (on p. 142)

228 Shade of the Trees by STORYHILL (on p. 143)

229 One and All by PIETA BROWN (on p. 149)

Red Level

101 Nell Robinson in ... Loango by NELL ROBINSON (on p. 122)

Red Molly

James by RED MOLLY (on p. 122)

Rice ’n’ Gravy

517 Timeless by BOBBY CHARLES (on p. 151)

Righteous Babe

070 Hadestown by ANAÏS MITCHELL (on p. 138 and p. 139)

Road Narrows / Signature Sounds

2028 25 by PATTY LARKIN (on p. 149)

Rough Trade

548 Here’s the Tender Coming by THE UNTHANKS (on p. 113)


3280 Country Music by WILLIE NELSON (on p. 123)

3276 Before and After by CARRIE NEWCOMER (on p. 143)

3277 Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert by VARIOUS (on p. 146)


1157 Songs from the Road by LUTHER ALLISON (on p. 147 and p. 148)

Claudia Schmidt

Promising Sky by CLAUDIA SCHMIDT and HER FUNTET (on p. 144)


6901 How Sweet It Was: The Sights and Sounds of Gospel’s Golden Age by VARIOUS (on p. 146 and p. 147)

Shepherds Ford

Fields of Fescue by FURNACE MOUNTAIN (on p. 150)


038 Uam (From Me) by JULIE FOWLIS (on p. 106 and p. 107)

Shout! Factory

11823 The Tom Lehrer Collection by TOM LEHRER (on p. 147)

Signature Sounds

2027 Darkness Sure Becomes This City by JOY KILLS SORROW (on p. 119 and p. 120)

2029 Some Strange Country by CROOKED STILL (on p. 120)

Sing SOS

001 Songs of the Spectrum by VARIOUS (on p. 145 and p. 146)


40198 Classic Appalachian Blues by VARIOUS (on p. 130)

40526 Music of Central Asia, Vol. 7: by VARIOUS (on p. 148)

40527 Music of Central Asia, Vol. 8: Rainbow by KRONOS QUARTET (on p. 148)

40528 Music of Central Asia, Vol. 9: by VARIOUS (on p. 148)

Sones de México

0410 Fiesta Mexicana by SONES DE MÉXICO ENSEMBLE (on p. 104)

Spruce and Maple

2005 Blossoms by LAURIE LEWIS (on p. 122 and p. 123)

Steam Pie

1013 Trosnant by ALLAN YN Y FAN (on p. 110 and p. 111)

The Steel Wheels

Red Wing by THE STEEL WHEELS (on p. 128 and p. 129)

Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop

130/1/2 At Home and Church by REVEREND GARY DAVIS (on p. 133)

Strictly Country

69 Courage by SI KAHN (on p. 139)

Sub Pop / Next Ambiance

001 I Speak Fula by BASSEKOU KOUYATE and NGONI BA (on p. 98)

Sugar Hill

4061 Feast of the Hunters’ Moon by BLACK PRAIRIE (on p. 117 and p. 119)

4059 Things That Fly by THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS (on p. 119)

4058 Speed of Life by NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND (on p. 124)


6219 Happy Go Lucky by D.L. MENARD (on p. 135 and p. 136)

Brendan Taaffe

Little Boots by BRENDAN TAAFFE (on p. 110)

Talking Elephant

150 Tournament of Shadows by LITTLE JOHNNY ENGLAND (on p. 112)

142 10 Years On ... by LITTLE JOHNNY ENGLAND (on p. 112)


31756 Booker’s Guitar by ERIC BIBB (on p. 134 and p. 135)

Tell Me Press

978-0-9816453-6-0 COLD PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST: by Christine Lavin (on p. 92)


17 Other Eyes by GORDON BOK (on p. 142 and p. 143)

Times Square

9069 Rare and Glorious by RAVI SHANKAR (on p. 102)

9070 Bollywood Remembers Laxmikant Pyarelal by LAXMIKANT PYARELAL (on p. 102 and p. 103)

Train Wreck

0033 Yonkers NY by CHIP TAYLOR (on p. 140)

Katie Trautz

Remembering by KATIE TRAUTZ (on p. 129)

Tsunami Recordings

1033 Better than Chocolate by JAMIE ANDERSON (on p. 145)

The Twilite Broadcasters

Evening Shade by THE TWILITE BROADCASTERS (on p. 120)


1023 Come On In by YARN (on p. 150)

University of Texas Press

978-0-292-72196-8 TEXAS TORNADO: by Jan Reid with Shawn Sahm (on p. 94)


0009 L’Ésprit Créole by CEDRIC WATSON et BIJOU CRÉOLE (on p. 136)


78035 I Am What I Am by MERLE HAGGARD (on p. 123)


009 Farm Songs by TIM GRIMM (on p. 149)

Verve Forecast

0014194 Backatown by TROMOBONE SHORTY (on p. 136 and p. 137)


DC8 Many a Good Horseman by VARIOUS (on p. 114)

Weekend Beatnik / Rogue

9045 Time Is Ripe by IAN A. ANDERSON (on p. 112)


87179 Rising Road by JOHN JONES (on p. 112)

87183 Bastard Etno by AFENGINN (on p. 152)


219 Images of Women Vol. 2 by ROBIN GREENSTEIN (on p. 142)

World Circuit / Nonesuch

522937 Ali and Toumani by ALI FARKA TOURÉ and TOUMANI DIABATÉ (on p. 98)

World Village

468097 Sleepless Nights by V.M. BHATT and MATT MALLEY (on p. 102)

479027 En Paris - Live à FIP by LILA DOWNS y LA MISTERIOSA (on p. 104 and p. 105)

Yellow Dog

1409 God’s Favorite Band by ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS (on p. 133)


001 Gather’round by JOE HERRMANN (on p. 127 and p. 128)