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Here is a listing of all the reviews included in Sing Out! v.54#1, listed alphabetically by Record Label or Publisher. Under each heading, we list the Catalog Number, Artist and Title for each review, followed by the page number(s) on which the review appeared. (For the record companies, artists or publicists, the page numbers are linked to PDF files for the page. That material is password protected, if you represent the artist or label and would like to have access to that information, please send an email to .)

Each review is identified by the reviewer’s initials. For those reviewers who have the same initials, we include several extra letters to further differentiate these names. The following list is a key to assist you if you would like to know a reviewer's full name: Derek Beres, Micahel Cala, Ronald D. Cohen, Tom Druckenmiller, Kari Estrin, Fran & Skip Landt, Stephanie P.Ledgin, John Lupton, Mark D. Moss, Chris Nickson, Tom Pryor, Steve Ramm, Mike Regenstreif, Ken Roseman, Scott Sheldon, Malcolm Smith,Chris Stuart, Bruce Sylvester, Michael Tearson, Gary von Tersch, Eric Thom, Rich Warren, Matt Watroba, Rob Weir and Glenn Weiser.

Here’s the list:

213 Music

40666 West Bank Gone by DARRYL HOLTER (on p. 117 and p. 118 ) GVT


17803 Tribal by DR. JOHN and THE LOWER 911 (on p. 98 ) KR

Trevor Alguire

Now Before Us by TREVOR ALGUIRE (on p. 152 ) MR


4938 Georgia Warhorse by JJ GREY and MOFRO (on p. 104 ) ET


60027 Wish I Were There by LOUIE SETZER and THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN BOYS (on p. 109 ) SPL


1322 Des Avonds in Klein Maneschijn by GROEF (on p. 139 ) CN


1123 Tomorrow's Children by PETE SEEGER with the RIVERTOWN KIDS and FRIENDS (on p. 147 ) SL


005 Hymns for the Rebel Soul by ROCKY DAWUNI (on p. 144 ) DB


31935 I Should Be Blue by SID SELVIDGE (on p. 104 ) GVT

Jay Aymar

004 Halfway Home by JAY AYMAR (on p. 151 ) MR

Bake Tone

110 Mile Marker by THE FREIGHT HOPPERS (on p. 112 ) MS


0026 Chico de Oro by CHICO TRUJILLO (on p. 144 ) TP

0027 Bad Reputation: Pierre de Gaillande sings Georges Brassens by PIERRE de GAILLANDE (on p. 140 ) DB

0028 The Roots of Chicha 2: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru by VARIOUS (on p. 145 ) TP

Steve Baughman

Life in Prism: Guitar Notes from the Inside by STEVE BAUGHMAN (on p. 134 ) CS

Bear Family

16630 At Lansdowne Studios, London by RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT (on p. 117 ) MR

Bedroom Community

9 I See the Sign by SAM AMIDON (on p. 136 ) CN

Greensky Bluegrass

All Access Vol. 1: 11/27/2009 by GREENSKY BLUEGRASS (on p. 111 ) SPL


9600 Its' a Good Day! by ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL and LEON RAUSCH (on p. 116 ) MR

Black Hen

0064 Blue Bones by KIM BEGGS (on p. 120 ) GVT

0066 The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Concert: Live In Vancouver by VARIOUS (on p. 149 ) MT

Black Isle Music

On the Banks of Coldbrook: Atwood Family Songs from the Hills of Vermont by TONY BARRAND and KEITH MURPHY (on p. 128 ) MW

Blank Tape

016 Honey Moonshine by THE HAUNTED WINDCHIMES (on p. 150 ) BS


173 Mirepoix and Smoke by BEN WEAVER (on p. 151 ) SS

175 Old Devils by JON LANGFORD and SKULL ORCHARD (on p. 130 ) CN

178 Harlem River Blues by JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (on p. 117 ) SS

Blooming Twig Books

978-1-933918-43-3 BLIND BUT NOW I SEE: THE BIOGRAPHY OF MUSIC LEGEND DOC WATSON by Kent Gustavson (on p. 94 ) SPL


2 Dance by BLOWZABELLA (on p. 131 and p. 132 ) KR

Blues Leaf

9846 Keepin On by ALBERT CASTIGLIA (on p. 102 ) ET


201 Freedom Row by OLIVER SCHROER and THE STEWED TOMATOES (on p. 136 ) MR

Allison Brown

002 Viper at the Virgin's Feet by ALLISON BROWN (on p. 125 ) MR

Bruno Kowalczyk and Ray Lambert

978-1-4507-0573-8 THE HARMONICA AND TRADITIONAL QUÉBÉCOIS MUSIC: HISTORY, TECHNIQUES, SCORES, AND PLAYERS by Bruno Kowalczyk and Raymond Lambert (on p. 95 ) GW

Bumstead Productions Ltd.

0931D On the Floor of Heaven by THE BLUE SHADOWS (on p. 119 ) MT

Capitol Records Nashville

85410 Up on the Ridge by DIERKS BENTLEY (on p. 115 ) MT

Cash House

Awake But Dreaming by LAURA CASH (on p. 116 ) GVT

The Family Secret by JOHN CARTER CASH (on p. 116 ) GVT

Past and Present by THE CARTER FAMILY III (on p. 116 and p. 117 ) JL


For Reasons Unseen by HANNEKE CASSEL (on p. 136 and p. 137 ) TD

Chicago Review Press

978-1-55652-768-5 BUCK OWENS: THE BIOGRAPHY by Eileen Sisk (on p. 93 and p. 94 ) GVT

Clegg Yolk

0701 Tales of Content by DOUGLAS CLEGG (on p. 124 and p. 125 ) KE

1001 A Moment a Lifetime by DOUGLAS CLEGG (on p. 124 and p. 125 ) KE

Clermont Music

Timbuktu Tarab by KHAIRA ARBY (on p. 142 and p. 143 ) TP


06 The Circus of Desires by CLOUDSTREET (on p. 127 and p. 128 ) RWA

Coconut Bay

350 Last Alaska Moon by LIVINGSTON TAYLOR (on p. 121 ) SS


4541 35 by SPECIAL CONSENSUS (on p. 108 ) JL

4542 Wherever Yet May Be by OLD BLIND DOGS (on p. 134 ) KR

4543 Legacy by PETER ROWAN BLUEGRASS BAND (on p. 106 and p. 107 ) CS


2743 Mountain Fiddler by U.S. SENATOR ROBERT BYRD (on p. 149 and p. 150 ) JL

Cowboy Angel

013 Songs To Sing by THE GRANFALLOONS (on p. 150 ) MT


17 Lero-Lero by LUÍSA MAITA (on p. 144 and p. 145 ) DB


79183 Love Heals: A Tribute to Our Wounded Warriors by WYNONNA (on p. 150 ) SPL

Galeet Dardashti

The Naming by GALEET DARDASHTI (on p. 141 and p. 142 ) DB


103 Dutchman's Curve by DAVID OLNEY (on p. 118 ) SS


805 The Life I Love by WILLIE BUCK (on p. 101 ) ET

The Demon Barbers

3 The Demon Barbers and the Adventures of ... Captain Ward by THE DEMON BARBERS (on p. 152 ) KR

Devil Down

001 Come and Found You Gone: The Bill Ferris Recordings by MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL with ANNE MAE McDOWELL and NAPOLEON STRICKLAND (on p. 98 and p. 100 ) GVT


322017 Barrelhouse Blues: Location Recordings and the Early Traditions of the Blues by VARIOUS (on p. 98 ) GVT

Drag City

421 Too Long in This Condition by ALASDAIR ROBERTS and FRIENDS (on p. 132 ) CN

427 The Good Old-Fashioned Way by HAMPER McBEE (on p. 112 ) JL

Duet Right

001 Sweet Transitions by NAMING THE TWINS (on p. 127 ) RWA


4958 Don't Let the Devil In by LES COPELAND (on p. 152 ) MR

4959 Built Right on the Ground by ANDY COHEN (on p. 100 and p. 101 ) MR


This Isn't Over Yet by ELLERY (on p. 125 and p. 127 ) ET


14386 La différence by SALIF KEITA (on p. 143 ) TP

Etnisk Musikklubb

63 Spiel Klezmer by SHIRA ETANA (on p. 152 ) CN

Evergreene Music

004 5 Star Cave by TRIBECASTAN (on p. 140 ) MDM

Faber & Faber

978-0-571-23752-4 ELECTRIC EDEN: UNEARTHING BRITAIN'S VISIONARY MUSIC by Rob Young (on p. 93 ) KR

Fallen Angle

09 For Honour and for Gain by FINEST KIND (on p. 128 ) MR

Fancy Mayhem

002 What's More Honest Than a Song? by SHANNON WURST (on p. 124 ) MT


31922 Street Songs of Love by ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO (on p. 118 ) GVT


8146 Serenity by USTAD ALI AHMAD HUSSAIN KHAN and PARTY (on p. 142 ) DB


En Couleurs by FEUFOLLET (on p. 104 and p. 105 ) TD


Sunset Drive by MARO KAWABATA (on p. 150 ) TD

Firefly Jar Music

004 The Road That Leads Me Home by LJ BOOTH (on p. 122 ) RWA

Fishtank Ensemble

1003 Woman in Sin by FISHTANK ENSEMBLE (on p. 140 ) TP

Folk Era

1482 A Jug Band Extravaganza by VARIOUS (on p. 148 and p. 149 ) MR

5104k Chasin' Gus' Ghost by TODD KWAIT, Director (on p. 148 and p. 149 ) MR


140 Called Away by CHRIS KOLDEWEY (on p. 128 ) TD





109 From the Fire by PAUL KAMM and ELEANORE MacDONALD (on p. 123 ) SS


00006 Kaisla by KARDEMIMMIT (on p. 137 ) CN

00007 Grannen by FRIGG (on p. 137 ) RWE

Full Light

60841 A Crooked Road by DARRELL SCOTT (on p. 119 ) KE


01 Chokladfabriken by CHOKLADFABRIKEN (on p. 140 ) CN


0310 Duet by FALGREN BUSK DUO (on p. 139 ) CN

0410 Oldefar På Tour by PØRTNERS KOMPLOT (on p. 141 ) CN

0910 Methea by ABILD (on p. 139 ) CN

1210 Rannok by RANNOK (on p. 137 ) CN

1310 Firetour by BALTIC CROSSING (on p. 140 and p. 141 ) CN

Good Dog

07 The Last Black and White TV by TERENCE MARTIN (on p. 150 ) MR

Grant Central

1001 Up the Neck by TYLER GRANT (on p. 114 ) TD

Great Big Sea

010 Safe upon the Shore by GREAT BIG SEA (on p. 132 ) KR


343 Diversions by DÀIMH (on p. 132 ) RWE

346 Tyro by RUA MACMILLAN (on p. 134 and p. 135 ) RWE

348 Eclection by GABE McVARISH (on p. 152 )

349 Wait What? by MIKE VASS and DAVE WOOD (on p. 132 and p. 133 ) TD

351 Jeelie Jars 'n' Coalie Backies by ALEX HODGSON (on p. 134 ) CN

Robert David Hall

01 Things They Don't Teach You in School by ROBERT DAVID HALL (on p. 115 and p. 116 ) SPL


301 Keepsake by KATHY and CAROL (on p. 127 ) GVT

Heart Squeeze

101 Yellow Tag Mondays by THE FAREWELL DRIFTERS (on p. 123 ) ET


7248 Sandkorn by MOLDESTAD (on p. 152 ) CN


014 Hen Party by SUZY THOMPSON and DEL REY (on p. 105 ) CS


Holler! by HOLLER! (on p. 114 ) DB

Honest Jons

47 Abandoned Love by TREMBLING BELLS (on p. 129 and p. 130 ) KR

Howdy Skies

1005 Chicken and Egg by TIM O'BRIEN (on p. 119 and p. 120 ) RW

Jody and Kate

Return by JODY STECHER and KATE BRISLIN (on p. 107 ) TD


004 There Was a Time by HANK WOJI (on p. 151 ) MT

Key Stone

Bosca Ceoil and Fiddle by CATHAL CLOHESSY and ÉAMONN COSTELLO (on p. 133 ) TD

Greg Klyma

Pianomandonation by GREG KLYMA (on p. 152 ) SS

Chris Kokesh

02 October Valentine by CHRIS KOKESH (on p. 127 ) MR

Jody Kruskal

104 American Songs and Tunes by PAUL and JODY (on p. 112 ) TD

Live Oak

540 Between the Hollow and the High-Rise by KATHY KALLICK BAND (on p. 109 and p. 111 ) CS


004 Suite by KEVIN BURKE / CAL SCOTT (on p. 135 and p. 136 ) MR

Lost Highway

14555 Praise and Blame by TOM JONES (on p. 103 ) BS

Luminous Bloom

Kindling Stone by KINDLING STONE (on p. 112 and p. 113 ) TD


0066 Howling Trains and Barking Dogs by CINDY BULLENS (on p. 120 ) ET

McKay Stout Music

001 White Nights by CATRIONA McKAY and CHRIS STOUT (on p. 133 ) RWE


008 Chrome on the Range by MICHAEL HURWITZ and THE AIMLESS DRIFTERS (on p. 124 ) MR


0342 Revelation by LEE SCRATCH PERRY (on p. 144 ) TP

Mighty Squirrel

102 Sqworld Record by MIGHTY SQUIRREL (on p. 113 and p. 114 ) CS

Mooch Piddle

13001 Delicious Moments by SAUSAGE GRINDER (on p. 148 ) SL

Mountain Home

12922 Old Friends Get Together by CROWE, LAWSON and WILLIAMS (on p. 107 ) JL

Music For Little People

524467 Barnyard Dance: Jug Band Music for Kids by MARIA MULDAUR (on p. 147 and p. 148 ) SL

524468 Bayou Boogie by BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO (on p. 152 ) SL

Music Road

008 A Patch of Blue Sky by KEVIN WELCH (on p. 118 ) MT

009 Favorites 1992-2001 by JIMMY LaFAVE (on p. 150 ) MR

MVD Visual

166 Bird on a Wire by LEONARD COHEN (on p. 148 ) MT

National Geographic Music

004 Dunya by BIBI TANGA and THE SELENITES (on p. 143 and p. 144 ) DB


30896 Obadiah by FRAZEY FORD (on p. 151 ) MR

Niblick Is a Giraffe

10 In Modern History by JIM MORAY (on p. 129 ) KR

Nine Mile Records

0210 Well After Awhile by SHINYRIBS (on p. 151 ) MT


018 The Hind Wheels of Bad Luck by CATH and PHIL TYLER (on p. 129 ) CN


521980 Antifogmatic by PUNCH BROTHERS (on p. 114 and p. 115 ) SPL

Ohio University Press


Old Box

002 Pulling Out the Stops: Traditional Music and Song of Ireland by DAN POSSUMATO (on p. 134 ) RWE

Old Hat

1007 Gastonia Gallop: Cotton Mill Songs and Hillbilly Blues by VARIOUS (on p. 106 ) JL

Omnibus Press


One Little Indian - US

The Quickening by KATHRYN WILLIAMS (on p. 122 ) GVT

Relations by KATHRYN WILLIAMS (on p. 122 ) GVT

Out of the Rain Music

Two Hearts by OUT OF THE RAIN feat. RON HIPP with CAROL STATELLA (on p. 127 ) RWA


5003 They Came from Somewhere by CLOTHESLINE REVIVAL (on p. 145 ) ET


108 My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record by TIM HART and FRIENDS (on p. 147 ) KR


208 Bluegrass Fiddle by TIM MARTIN (on p. 150 ) JL


Going Down to Raleigh: Stringband Music in the North Carolina Piedmont, 1976-1998 by VARIOUS (on p. 106 ) TD

Porto Franco

018 Vranjski San by BRASS MENAŽERI (on p. 139 ) DB


104 Internal Combustion by RAIN PERRY (on p. 124 ) MR


125 Non iàbbu e non maravìgghia by MALANOVA (on p. 152 ) KR


127 Ecchite Maje by MUSICANTI DEL PICCOLO BORGO (on p. 152 ) KR

Raven Records

319 Columbus Stockade Blues: The Best of the '70s by DOC and MERLE WATSON (on p. 149 ) JL

521 Mixed Bag / Something Else Again by RICHIE HAVENS (on p. 150 ) BS


1837 Heartaches and Dreams by JUNIOR SISK and RAMBLERS CHOICE (on p. 108 and p. 109 ) CS

Red House

231 When the Last Morning Glory Blooms by PETER OSTROUSHKO (on p. 111 and p. 112 ) TD

233 Red Horse by RED HORSE (on p. 122 and p. 123 ) ET

Remington Road

683 Saints and Sinners by MOLLIE O'BRIEN and RICH MOORE (on p. 152 ) BS


1055 Tarkat Tajje / Let's Go! by ETRAN FINATAWA (on p. 142 ) TP

Ronstadt Generations



0640 Dailey and Vincent Sing the Statler Brothers by DAILEY and VINCENT (on p. 107 and p. 108 ) SPL

0641 The Famous Lefty Flynn's by THE GRASCALS (on p. 107 ) CS


6 Sweet Journeys by CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA (on p. 128 and p. 129 ) MW

Second String

001 Highway 71 by 3 PENNY ACRE (on p. 113 ) SPL

Sheltone Records

1962 Where I'm Bound by JAMES ALAN SHELTON (on p. 109 ) JL


1 Raison D'être by DAVE SWARBRICK (on p. 152 ) RWE

Shout! Factory

12110 Tin Can Trust by LOS LOBOS (on p. 145 ) ET

12112 Dream Attic by RICHARD THOMPSON (on p. 131 ) BS

Signature Sounds

Butcher Holler: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn by EILEN JEWELL (on p. 118 ) SS

Skaggs Family

1010 Mosaic by RICKY SKAGGS (on p. 111 ) JL

2021 Cherryholmes IV: Common Threads by CHERRYHOLMES (on p. 150 ) MT


40181 Rappahannock Blues by JOHN JACKSON (on p. 101 ) GVT

40183 Classic Sounds of New Orleans by VARIOUS (on p. 149 ) GVT

40202 Rising Sun Melodies by OLA BELLE REED (on p. 106 ) TD


1055 Homemade Haircut by TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON (on p. 123 and p. 124 ) RWA

Stony Plain

1347 Spread the Love by RONNIE EARL and THE BROADCASTERS (on p. 103 ) ET

1349 Passport to the Blues by DUKE ROBILLARD (on p. 102 and p. 103 ) GVT

Sub Rosa

287 I'm Going Where the Water Drinks Like Wine – 18 Unsung Bluesmen: Rarities 1923-1929 by VARIOUS (on p. 101 ) GVT

Sugar Hill

4051 Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein by VARIOUS (on p. 120 and p. 121 ) MT

4063 Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions by MARTY STUART (on p. 150 ) MT

Sugar Mama

955 Zapf Dingbats by ZAPF DINGBATS (on p. 103 ) GVT


Pictures of the Highway by MARC BLACK (on p. 151 ) SS


6220 Cravin' Cajun by KEVIN NAQUIN and THE OSSUN PLAYBOYS (on p. 104 ) GVT


31849 Clovis People, Vol. 3 by OTIS TAYLOR (on p. 102 ) ET

31850 Joined at the Hip by PINETOP PERKINS and WILLIE BIG EYES SMITH (on p. 101 and p. 102 ) GVT

Thin Man

006 New Blue Day by JORY NASH (on p. 152 ) SS

Thirty Tigers

4001 Patchwork River by JIM LAUDERDALE (on p. 150 ) MT

4002 Water Bound by SHANNON WHITWORTH (on p. 125 ) KE

Thunder Ridge

Shooting Arrows at the Moon by BOW THAYER (on p. 152 ) MR


255102 Chocolate Paper Suites by KRISTA DETOR (on p. 121 ) KE

Tompkins Square

2271 Fire in My Bones: Raw + Rare + Other Worldly African-American Gospel [1944-2007] by VARIOUS (on p. 102 ) GVT

2363 Hickory Wind: Live at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull, Waycross GA by CHARLIE LOUVIN (on p. 116 ) GVT

2387 Unheard Ofs and Forgotten Abouts: Rare and Unheralded Gramophone Recordings from around the World (1916-1964) by VARIOUS (on p. 141 ) GVT

2394 Beyond Berkeley Guitar by VARIOUS (on p. 147 ) GVT

2400 I Wasn't Born to Rock'n Roll by ROLAND WHITE (on p. 149 ) MT


573 Looking Glass by FAY HIELD (on p. 129 ) CN

579 Gift by ELIZA CARTHY and NORMA WATERSON (on p. 130 ) CN

University Press of Mississippi

978-1-60473-577-2 BANJO ON THE MOUNTAIN: WADE MAINER'S FIRST HUNDRED YEARS by Dick Spottswood (on p. 92 ) MC

The  Violin Shop

003 Carpenter and May by CARPENTER and MAY (on p. 136 ) TD

We Saw Productions

The Garden of Rila by MARTHA MAVROIDI (on p. 141 ) DB

Weekend Beatnik / Rogue

9046 Ghosts from the Basement by VARIOUS (on p. 131 ) CN

Craig Werth

5503 The Spokes Man by CRAIG WERTH (on p. 125 ) MR


87188 Tales of Love, War and Death by Hanging by RAY COOPER (on p. 131 ) KR

Wild Goose

371 No Use in Cryin' by RATTLE ON THE STOVEPIPE (on p. 113 ) TD

372 Through Lonesome Woods by THE ASKEW SISTERS (on p. 130 and p. 131 ) RWE


2047 All Our Own Work by SANDY DENNY and THE STRAWBS (on p. 130 ) RWE


33 Songs of the Grateful Dead: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter by JESSE McREYNOLDS and FRIENDS with DAVID NELSON and STU ALLEN (on p. 108 ) SPL

World Village

450012 Zumra by AMIRA and MERIMA KLJUCO (on p. 139 ) DB

450013 Muzikr by CARLOU D (on p. 143 ) DB

479043 Nkolo by LOKUA KANZA (on p. 142 ) DB

Yellow Room / Matt Watroba

013 Shine Right Through the Dark by MATT WATROBA (on p. 122 ) SS

Yep Roc

2221 Wildwood by CHATHAM COUNTY LINE (on p. 150 ) MT

2222 Wig! by PETER CASE (on p. 120 ) SS