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An Invitation to Folk Music Radio Hosts

T hanks so much for your interest in The Sing Out! Radio Partners Program. The idea is simple: We believe that many of your listeners would be interested in knowing about the work we do, AND, even more importantly, we believe that Sing Out! is a great resource for you to draw on for inspiration when putting together your program. This is nothing more that an incentive to help those two things happen.

What we propose is this: We'll send you Sing Out! magazine four times a year AND list and promote your program on our web site (which will be referenced in an ongoing ad in the magazine) in exchange for some (any) kind of acknowledgement/mention during your program. Knowing that different stations and program directors have widely varied opinions about what is acceptable, we really want to leave the exact way that you incorporate Sing Out! into your program completely up to you ... any mention of Sing Out! as an important resource for finding out more about the music you play will be an invaluable boost to our visibility! You could simply quote from articles or reviews, mention upcoming events from our fest and camp listing, pull song ideas from the articles or reviews ... whatever.

There're lots of different ways that Sing Out! can provide a hook for your programs. Have fun with it ... and be sure to let me know if there's anything we can do to make Sing Out! even more useful to you. On an ongoing basis, you'll definitely want to consult the “Publications Noted ” column to make sure you and your station are being serviced with all the great new releases.

If you feel comfortable doing so (and your station permits it), it would be great to let listeners know that they can contact us for membership information with a simple toll-free phone number (888-SING-OUT), usable throughout the U.S. and Canada). I can provide membership flyers in case you'd prefer to handle dispensing information that way. (It might help to know that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization as recognized by the IRS.) Note that doing this is *not* a requirement to become a Radio Partner (I know many stations simple wouldn't permit it), I just didn't want to leave it out if it *is* possible.

Once you confirm you'd like to become a SO! Radio Partner, we will need some basic information about your program for the magazine listing. Please provide the information below to ensure that it is correct and complete (you can look at the Partner list on this site to see what info actually gets shared). Mark Moss will call you to confirm all the details and finish the process (so be sure to include a current and valid phone number AND email address ... without it submitting the form is pointless.):

Radio Partners Application Form

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