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How to Submit to Sing Out!

To Send CDs, Books, etc., for Review Consideration:

Sing Out! works with a terrific staff of regular freelance contributors for all reviews, and all reviews in the magazine are assigned to that staff by our editors. If you would like to have your work considered for review, please send 2 (two) copies to Sing Out!, attn: Reviews, P.O. Box 5460, Bethlehem, PA 18015-0460. One copy will be assigned to a staff reviewer, the other will stay “in-house” for our online Publication Noted listing and other editorial needs/consideration.

While we can’t give status updates on the review process because of the number of submissions we get, we always send tear sheets if a review ends up running ... so please be sure to include full contact information for the label/publicist/artist so we can get that material back to you!

To Suggest a Song for Inclusion in the Magazine:

We are always looking for good singable songs to share with our readers, and welcome suggestions or ideas! If you know a song you think Sing Out! readers would like to learn to play, the best way to get us the idea is via Please include enough information about the song so we can take the next step. Ideally that would include lyrics and a way to hear the song ... but PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY FILE ATTACHMENTS. Include the lyrics (if available) as text within the body of the message, along with the information about the songwriter as well as any infomation about where the song is recorded. If an online link to hear a song sample is available, that’s great ... but connecting the suggestion to a recording that we have received for review consideration works just as well. If neither is an option, we’ll follow up with further instructions via reply.

To Submit Information about an Event/Festival (for inclusion in our online listings):

Please use our online festival submission form to submit your event information.

To Pitch an Article or Other Freelance Material in the Magazine:

We do not accept or consider any unsolicited articles, poems, reviews, etc. ... BUT we are open to pitches from freelancers. We recommend that you are familiar with a recent issue of Sing Out! so that you have a general idea of the kind of articles and writing that we feature, but we are always interested in working with new writers, and are happy to respond to clear queries. Email is, by far, the best way to contact the editors, send your message by

To Send CDs for Airplay Consideration on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine:

The Sing Out! Radio Magazine is produced in the studios of WDIY-FM in Bethlehem, PA, by host Tom Druckenmiller. If you would like to submit your recording for airplay consideration, mail your recording to: Tom Druckenmiller, The Sing Out! Radio Magazine, 2354 Huckleberry Road, Allentown, PA 18014-9677. If you'd like to ask before sending your CD -- always a good idea -- send a query

(Please note that submission to the radio program and for editorial consideration for the magazine are two separate operations!)